no more bullshit

no more bullshit

I’ve put this video clip in probably no less than 20 blog posts over the years since I started writing. Unfortunately, they all remain in the draft graveyard:

(Link to video here.)

Cheesy as it may be, I am so Jerry McGuire in this scene. I guess it’s just taken me a few years past 35 to write my mission statement. I’m not waiting any longer. I’m not afraid of getting fired.

Once or twice a year when I get SUPER pissed at myself for not writing more, and truly focusing on what I love, this scene pops in my head. Usually I get all fired up, start typing away, get a couple hours into the soap box space I feel so at home in, and then ding goes the phone or email when someone in my life needs something, and off to the archives of drafts, my passionate posts have gone…while my sweet little soul suffers, once again failing at first living for myself.

No more.

This week I had a tipping point moment, standing at an event with some very good friends who know me well and support every bit of me in anything and everything I do and want to do. I had one of the most gut punching moments of my professional life. I felt an enormous furry of anger, sadness, and frustration…and knew it was completely my own damn fault. As we were being introduced around the dreaded and what do you do? circle, every one of them owned and articulated what they “did” perfectly, and then as I described what I did, and they all piped in with their kindness about how good I was at X,Y,Z (which is true, because I have busted my ass to be good at what I’ve been doing to make a living), I couldn’t help but think:






How could even my closest friends not describe me/what I really do?! Because I haven’t been owning and presenting it out to the world, myself.

I’m a writer who hasn’t kept my butt in the seat. I’m a storyteller who hasn’t been sharing enough of her stories. I’ve gotten seriously sidetracked. When any client at any time asks me to fix a problem, or wants help running their lives better, I drop everything to jump all over the task, then forget about my own. It’s possible to have healthier balance. I know better, we all do!

I stood at that event and wanted to punch someone in the face: MYSELF! No more blogs unposted, books unwritten, or life experience teachings untaught, I said to myself. I haven’t slept on couches, in my car, and traveled the world for the past 25 years talking to, learning from, loving a zillion interesting amazing humans losing some of them along the way, just to keep all the truths and perspective I’ve learned to myself.

Gas up the car! We have officially started driving down this Blue Lollipop Road together. Hang on tight, because I’ll be sharing the things we think, but do not say. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

If you’re out there getting sidetracked yourself, might I suggest you make a big ol’ pivot and get your butt back in the seat? None of us are truly helping anyone else unless we’re helping ourselves first.

Glacier National Park

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  • Catherine Mitchell

    September 8, 2017 at 9:51 pm Reply

    Brilliant. I have sensed, from our brief and infrequent communications, that there might be a change coming. Good luck!

    • bluelollipoproad

      September 10, 2017 at 11:29 pm Reply

      Hi Catherine!

      Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! Just focusing on writing, consulting and teaching more. Very excited. Hope to see you soon!

  • Lynn

    September 9, 2017 at 11:23 am Reply

    I am so excited!!! You rock at everything you do, ESPECIALLY story telling, writing and being one of my most amazing friends!!!

    Sit your ASS in that SEAT love, and YOU DO YOU!!!

    Can’t wait to see the Awesomeness of what this experience brings!!

    Love ya’

    • bluelollipoproad

      September 10, 2017 at 11:30 pm Reply

      Thanks for all the support always, Lynn! All great things to come!

  • Sandy Hewitt

    September 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm Reply

    Ok. True confession. I was part of the “circle” you referenced in your blog. Shame on me for not being more concise and exacting at communicating my awe of you. Personally I was so relieved to have glossed over my “what do you do” that I wasn’t clear when singing your praises. You are extraordinary at everything you do. Writer, philosopher, marketer, deal sourcer, adventurer, heart in hand giver! You find the best in all of us and see our strengths even when we don’t and then … promote us to the world. You glue us together and as a pack make us stronger than we are alone. How incredibly lucky we are to circle your orbit. With the greatest of compliments, YOU ARE A BADASS and I can’t imagine what you will do this next chapter!

    • bluelollipoproad

      September 19, 2017 at 5:38 pm Reply

      You are sweet, Sandy. So not your fault. My poor mother has a hard time explaining what I “do.” As you know, we as entrepreneurs “do” a lot of things. It’s frustrating to get to a 2 word title or elevator speech to encapsulate all we have done in this big, full life! I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful tribe of people in my life and a Pivot Tribe that includes you, who helps make so many of my client lives easier and better!

      We are badasses together! So thankful for your support. Cheers!

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