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celebrate everyday: day 30


I’m a AAA member, and have been for years. (Road Trippin’/travelin’/nomadin’/adventurin’ peeps, unite!) These horrifying stats just came to my email inbox from AAA about National Plan For Vacation Day:

National Plan For Vacation Day

Last year 54% of American didn’t use all their vacation time?!

Oh. Em. Gee. My heart breaks for people out there who are a part of that 54%. WHAT ARE Y’ALL WAITING FOR?! (I just had to get all southern for a minute, I’m so sad for that fact!)

National Plan For Vacation Day

Dear Friends,

Let’s start respecting the clock. Shall we?

Love, Diane

I bet:

*You could use a break

*You have a grand baby across the country you want to snuggle more with

*Your mom has been bugging you to visit

*Your jeans are bursting at the seams after the holidays and the gym is calling

*Your college reunion is coming up

*You’re in love with someone across the state you want to smooch

*You have needed to go to the dentist for a while now

*You are so over that closet piled full of crap you don’t use, need, or want

*Your kids kept you up all night last night

*Granny keeps calling, she wants you to meet her for lunch

*The Big Game is coming up and you sure would like to stuff your face with nachos watching it with friends

*Your passport is about to expire and it has no stamps

I’m wrong? None of the above? Ok, then I bet:

*That nonprofit you’re super passionate about could use some more extra help

*Your brother misses you

*Your guitar is collecting dust

*That cooking class only has one spot left available

*Your convertible hasn’t seen the sun in ages

*That book! That book is still sitting half-read on your bedside table

*You keep staring at that photo of the glaciers in Patagonia wondering why you haven’t been

*You’re daydreaming of a palm tree, a cold beer, and a moment of silence

One or more apply to you? Think it’s maybe time to go, be, see, and/or do what you want, need, or should?

Today I celebrate saying goodby to the office/cube/”work” for a day, week, or month, and hello to taking the time you have earned.

Not taking vacation…time…for your heart, health, and well-being, is about as bad as showing up to your should be inspiring commencement speech and telling all the fresh faces in caps and gowns the world sucks, there’s no hope for anyone, and Dr. Seuss was wrong, because they will never go anywhere.

Please don’t do that.

I challenge you to walk in to the big kahuna and tell her (see what I did there?) you’re going to take a few days to go hiking in nature alone, then spend the rest of your other few days just hanging with your family doing a whole lot of nothing other than being together. (Or whatever other very simple or over the top thing you can think of.) You will be taking ALL of your vacation days this year thankyouverymuch.

Let’s wipe out waste (of every kind.) Especially wasted time.

#RespectTheClock #TodayIsTheDay #LifeUnstuck

*Ready to get outta dodge, near or far? Call me! (804.339.6514) I can help.



Here we go year #5!

Doing good feels good with all the bad and sad news in the world. Tonight we will kick off our 5th Annual event starting at 7pm at Ramunto’s with our Welcome Back Party:

BLR Play It Forward 2016

Ramunto’s will donate 10% of all sales from anyone joining us, back to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund! Come one and all for craft beer, wine, great pizza, lots of specials and fun! 7pm until ?

Tomorrow we will award scholarship funds, play some soccer, the kiddos will do a fun run at halftime of the game, and we will have Celebration Cocktails to wrap the weekend at Pangaea Lounge. Pangaea will also donate 10% of all sales from anyone who joins to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship Fund. They’ve whipped up a special menu of BLR inspired craft cocktails, too. Yum…

ALL ARE WELCOME FOR EVERYTHING! Bring yourself, your lover, your friends, your dog, your kiddo’s, your former coach, neighbor, grandparents, and whoever else you can think of. THIS IS A COMMUNITY EVENT. (Rain or shine!)

Three cheers for the Bennington Banner and writer Adam Samrov who put out this article about our event, today. Thank you, Adam!

Want to get involved, donate/sponsor, or have a question? Great! See event info. here, or call/email Diane:



See you this weekend!

#RememberCelebrateLive #StrongMojo #PlayForwardGiveBack



today is the day; play it forward 2015

Huge thanks to The Bennington Banner for this article about our event today!

Play It Forward is so much bigger than just a soccer game. It is about bringing people together, honoring loved ones no longer here, and celebrating memories and time together. It is a reminder about what’s important, where we came from, and is meant to inspire us all to truly live while we are living.

All hands in

This is year four, and I can’t believe it! Countless hours and efforts have been put in and I as I type this with a big smile I could not be more proud. I am humbled and honored to host this event, and so thankful for all the love, support & help from so many friends, family, alumni and community members.

BLR Play It Forward 2015…here we go!

Remember. Celebrate. Live.

#PlayForwardGiveBack #StrongMojo #Community


some faces that inspire me to always keep trekking

Our event weekend is approaching fast, just 10 days away! Thanks to the Bennington Banner for getting the word out locally for us.

I’m honored to host this annual community event, and so appreciative to all who come out, donate, and/or participate so we can keep the memory of these amazing girls alive:

Dedication page

Here’s to loving & living like today is the day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

#ThingsThatMatter #PlayForwardGiveBack #StrongMojoForever


go, be, do, see

Well happy Wednesday to me! This just in, Another Best Day interview posted. Check it out here!

I learned of ABD this summer and think their message is totally awesome. It was founded with a simple idea:

To serve as a consistent reminder to make the most of every day.

Alaska ir Bust


I agree with the Another Best Day crew, that we CHOOSE our thoughts, the same way that we choose our clothing. We choose to think positively, or negatively, we choose to think that we are capable of going, being, doing, and seeing anything imaginable, we choose to sit on our asses, or kicking them into high gear. Luck has nothing to do with accomplishing goals. Goals take hard work and making the choice to stick with them no matter what.

Think of the last time you had “the best day ever” and imagine it happening again and again because you wake up each day choosing that it will be. Seems pretty simple, right?

Thanks for working to spread a great message and including me in your awesomeness, Dave & Brett!

How do you pursue Another Best Day?

#ABDLife #Choices #GoBeDoSee


trade-offs and choices

I woke up on the floor of a ferry this morning at 5:15am feeling like a bag of smashed a**holes.

Hot eh?

I know, and I feel so classy for using that term too, but it’s the first thing I thought this morning after opening my eyes. The boys back home used to say that after a crazy night out drinking. I’m not hungover, I’m just sick. I started sniffling and coughing and sneezing a couple days ago. As usual, I tried not to take anything and will the sickness away, but it didn’t work.

Ferries are a must to get you around AK. They’re pricey, but pretty much like a small cruise ship. They show movies, have comfy observation decks, free nature talks, full cafe’s with all kinds of eats, cocktail lounges, free showers and even a heated outside top deck. The biggest difference from a regular cruise liner is that you don’t get a room. I’m certainly not going to pay extra for a bed to sleep on when there’s a free warm floor, even if it is hard, uncomfortable, and probably not the cleanest thing in the world. It’s a pretty easy choice when you think about it; Pay an extra bill, more gas $, or a few bucks for something chocolate when I can fully taste again and sleeping on the floor in a public boat, or renting a room? I’m in non-heel wearing, shower whenever and Frugal Franny mode right now so it’s all good. I’ve even sworn off regular shaving until I get back to “the lower 48.” (Wow, I’m sounding hotter by the minute!) I did have to laugh this morning though when I woke up feeling like I was 92, not 32. Good thing is, you know when you can wake up on the floor of a public ship with no pillow or sleeping bag, after maybe being able to actually sleep for 3 hours, hacking your brains out and reaching for the nearest tissue because if you so much as move, your nose will run all over the place- but still smile, shake it off and look forward to starting your day at 6am, you are in the right place for the time being. Saying that leads me nicely into this news link I got from a reader this morning.

Last night I met several less is more and do what you love fellow travelers. In line for the ferry I met a gentleman named Ron originally from Germany, now lives in Montana. Engineer by trade and daughters my age. He came to AK to spend time with one of his daughters and has traveled around the world. Later in the night I met a couple originally from Chile, in their 60’s, now RV full time, have been for 3.5 years and lived for years in L.A. (kids my age again and family there.) Lastly a worker on the ship in his 50’s from Maine, x-corporate guy with yet again, kids my age and now loving life early retired and bartending. What was the theme of every conversation I had with them? Do it. Do the things that make you happy. The “If I could go back in time” came up so many times I lost count. We didn’t have conversations of regret, as they were all positive people, just more of a don’t let it take you your whole life to start doing what you love, your health and soul will suffer. We talked for hours. (Not that I needed any more encouragement to keep traveling.)

I relish the time I get to spend with anyone who has lived longer on this earth than me. Especially with people who’ve lived significantly longer. In any conversation I’ve ever had, including last nights, I can’t remember one of them being; Boy I wish I stayed at that job I hated, I wish I never tried X kind of food, or man it’s a bummer I never ended up marrying that jerk. Nope. They are always just the opposite. Kerry, the Chilean gent (Came to the U.S and worked his a** off for years and years as a painter) was talking about how you can lose everything/”They” can take everything; Your house, car, boat, furniture- all of it, but no one can take your experiences and what’s in your heart and head. So right on Kerry.

I like expensive jeans, nice hotels and I usually can’t stand going more than 5 weeks without a haircut. I’m a total type A perfectionist and you’d never find me caught dead driving my car in the filthy condition that it currently is in on a regular day. For right now though, I choose dirty clothes, car, bad hair and floor sleeping as a trade off to get to do what I’m doing and it’s really not hard at all. It’s so worth it to me. Even though my head is a bit groggy today and I’m feeling far from 100%, I’m happy. From where I was crying hysterically to my sister on the phone just a few short months ago trying to figure out how to get out of a life I had created that I didn’t want. I’ll take 1,000 sleepless, snotty floor nights that aren’t as torturous as they sound. My hair probably doesn’t actually look nearly as awful as I’m imagining it does either.

Lets listen to our elders my peers! Why are so many of us waiting so long to start the ball rolling on doing what we love?

Cheers to my new friends from last night. Thanks for the great conversation and perspective. I hope to run into you again somewhere down the road.


a little birdie told me…

…the story of Blue Lollipo Road is out in Skirt! Magazine– YAY!

Before I left Virginia I spent an afternoon with Constance and Agata (Editor and Photographer) telling them about my Alaska or bust trip and BLR. We had a great lunch and fun photo shoot in the sweltering heat. I don’t have a web link to share about the story yet, but if you’re in the Richmond, VA area- pick up a paper copy of Skirt! in one of those bright lime green boxes and check it out. I will share the link when I have it soon. I can’t wait to see it myself!

Thank you so much to Skirt!, Constance and Agata. I am honored to be one of the ladies featured in such a fabulous publication!


took the words right out of my mouth

My favorite thing about the NY Times is the travel section. The feature travel spot on the front, 36 hours and why we travel are the perfect things to check out with a coffee on a Sunday morning. I daydream of somehow hitting up each place I read about in one lifetime. I love the photo from yesterday of Timothy Williams traveling in Crete and a part of his quote:

“Travel is freedom, and the smallest things become and adventure. It’s a departure from the everyday that reminds you that there is a huge world out there worth exploring.”

Hmmm, I wonder where I can find this guy and if he’s single…


laugh a little, smile a little

I love it when friends and followers send me links to cool stuff I can post about here. My friend Julie sent me a link to The Levity Project this week. Watch this video when you’re having a bad day and see if it doesn’t make you feel better. Not all of life is butterflies and rainbows, but boy does it feel good to choose to be as happy as possible and share a laugh with a stranger.

Thanks Julie!


making a push for my, well…

“friends” Ian and Sean. I haven’t met them yet, but we’ll just call them friends anyway! They have 24 days left to raise the final funds they need to finish up the One Week Job Documentary.

Me? I have about the same amount of time until I have no pennies left. It’ll really be a bummer if lack of funds made me give up my chocolate habit. I’m working on a potential job at a bait shop in Seward, AK that I’ll be able to work during the 2010 Salmon Derby 8/14-8/22. Now how fun would it be to make a few bucks working during that event?

Go One Week Job fundraising! Go bait shop job!