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celebrate everyday: day 27


Today I celebrate friends who start their own travel companies:

The Vagabond Monkey

Check out this trip to Ireland in May! A great deal and opportunity for off the beaten path adventure with a couple of experienced and talented hosts. It’s pretty awesome when people find their super passions and want to share them with others.

Maybe it’s time for you to fly away, little birdie?

#Wanderlust #LifeOutsideTheDroneZone #ExperiencesNotThings

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as i dream of barbados

I don’t like to use terms and words like hate, despise, etc. because I try to choose a positive and hopeful mindset about everything I can, but I have a confession; I REALLY don’t like the cold. I mean I totally suck at it. I’m living in Chicago right now so that doesn’t make much sense, I know. I’ve never dreaded a season more than I dread the frigid temps I will experience these next few months, but I’m determined to embrace it and be a survivor! There’s a method to my madness for being here and a reason for everything- even torturing myself through the brutal misery of The Windy City winter. So I will keep my goals in mind as I cuddle in and do my best to stay cozy warm while I enjoy all the amazing sights, sounds, people, places and things around this awesome city.

Now I need boots.

I was in Maine at L.L. Bean a few weeks. Who doesn’t love Bean? At the time I couldn’t bring myself to by boots, because well- I don’t want to live in a place where you need things like boots, but attempting a Midwest winter without them would just be silly.

So I signed up for email alerts from Bean and have found a triple threat of deals that I’m going to take advantage of:

*FREE shipping, any size order

*10% off any order now through 11/13

$10 off any order of $50 or more for anyone who signs up for email alerts.

Check out the above and take advantage here! 

I love a deal and L.L. bean rules at them.

L.L.Bean is open 24/7 and 365. Yes- everyday, every hour, year round. There are no locks on the doors at the Freeport Maine flagship store. Even better you can return any thing and any time for any reason. No joke. When I was a teenager I had a backpack that I used for about 10 years. I actually cut the zipper with scissors one day because I kept getting it stuck. I sent it back to Bean, they didn’t even make the same bag anymore but with no questions asked sent me the most similar one to mine shiny and new. If you’re not satisfied they fix it plain and simple. They want you to be happy and confident with your purchase for it’s lifetime. (Or yours for that matter.) Do I feel confident in putting my hard earned money into a purchase at L.L. Bean? You betcha- and like no other company.

Now off to order my boots. Wish me luck this winter…


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i’m here. it’s on!

Turns out that Spirit Airlines is actually no b.s! Ok, so you don’t get any TV, drink or any other extras, but who likes that freeze dried chicken sandwich crap other airlines serve anyway? I’d rather have a $39 plane ticket for a quick flight and save my loot for the good food once I get “there” thankyouverymuch. So I am in Maine, flight Chicago to Boston was an easy breeze, direct too, departed and arrived within 1.5 hours or so. Fabulous. Spirit is going to stay on my radar for future quick, easy, cheap getaways for sure.

It’s near 3am, I must be up an atem early to help make (and sample of course) whoopie pies in last minute prep for Saturdays Harvest on the Harbor, so I will keep this short as I need to get some shut-eye. A big weekend is about to unfold here in the Vacationland of the Northeast. I was even contacted today by a radio show host and newspaper columnist in Bangor via someone in Detroit about the Honda fun and celebration with Million Mile Joe on Sunday. We shall see what happens with that.

Plenty to report back soon. I got to eat a preliminary BLR flavor whoopie tonight right out of the airport gate; Nutella filling squishing out of a chocolate cake. Mmmm….