Washington DC

epic august

The word “epic” has become very trendy and overused these days to describe anything and everything big time and cool. I’ll have to jump on the epic bandwagon here like everybody else, because I’m quite sure my August is going to be epic and them some. Here’s what this month has in store for Blue Lollipop Road and I:

*Major road trip action~ Chicago to Wisconsin to Vermont to Upstate, NY Finger Lakes to Toronto to Washington DC to Virginia

*A 34th birthday

*BLR PLay It Forward Event

I always end up doing some kind of fun adventure each year this month because It’s summertime and my birthday time.. This August though, I’m by far more thrilled about and anticipating than any other. It might be something about a bunch of great road trip time, feeling happier healthier, and more balanced as I get older, and hosting an event that means everything in the world to me. Yeah…that.

Here’s to august 2012 and living life like you mean it!