celebrate everyday: day 10


I took this photo at the DMV today:

License Plate Wall

…and I had a shockingly easy, helpful experience. (See?! There’s hope for everything!)

The license plate is always the first thing I look at when I see a car. Still. Since I was little, anytime we drove anywhere, I would look for plates from states I hadn’t seen before, and daydream about where the people inside the cars were going. I would wonder about what these places looked like, and fantasize about going to them someday.

I’ve spent time in all 50 states and 19 countries at this point. Seeing this wall yesterday made me feel that fire inside I love, for adventure and the possibility of everything out there, to see, be, and do. I still believe “travel” is the fastest route to your truth; Putting yourself in any completely foreign/uncomfortable/new environment, staying flexible, and figuring out how to independently navigate is incredibly empowering.

Today I celebrate possibility in the unknown, and all the magic that can happen when you take a step towards life to somewhere new. 

Today is the day. The road awaits. Where are you going?

#StartDriving #LifeOutsideTheDroneZone #StepOutside

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don’t leave me hangin’ dude!

I know, I know- Sorry! I have BLOWN out some miles in the past not even 48 hours. (We are talking nearly 2,000 miles so I am a bit tired to say the least and my laptop time has been limited.) Even though this has been an abnormal trip for me just driving and driving without stopping much, I still have plenty of stories. Things like my classic car “camping” and freezing like I have never frozen before, America’s most foul smelling bathroom, and almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere New Mexico because I got chatting with my mother for hours and didn’t realize how low my tank was getting.

Photos and videos in a bit. At this moment I am concentrating on my terrible but at the same time delicious and much needed coffee at the Denny’s I’m at, along with giggling about food items called things like “Moons Over My Hammy.”

P.S~ In case anyone is wondering, it is NOT warm in a place called Sayre, Oklahoma in December between the hours of 1 and 3am.