man, that girl parties a lot


Hi there. If you haven’t been here before, welcome to the celebration. This is day 32. For the year 2018, anyway.

I’m Diane. This is me goofing around at Domaine Carneros a couple of weeks ago:

Diane Peacock at Domain Carneros

I love the bubbles there. They’re extra special with good company, too. Life is about celebrating everyday, right? And the people. Yes. The ones you love and those who make you laugh.

I don’t think we celebrate enough. I think we wait until it’s often too late. I think we’ve made a bad habit out of “saving up” for the perfect time or chance to live like we are actually alive. 

The clock is ticking. When will we learn?

I do my best to work and practice what I preach by getting all fired up and excited about small, silly, insignificant things everyday, and taking anyone who let’s me, along for the ride. Kid in a candy store baby, it’s the only way to be while all the sweetness is there for the taking. When we practice having more gratitude, we have less attitude, and a helluva lot more fun.

So about this whole “celebration” thing?

Since meeting Noah Scalin years ago at an event where he shared his Skull-A-Day art project, I’ve been a little obsessed with doing my own 365 project. I attempted one in 2014 and it lasted for a bit over two months. This year I’m determined to go all the way for 2018, filling your inboxes with funny, strange, head-scratching things each day that I’m having a little party (celebration) about. I hope you will continue to follow along, and think a little more about feeling the thrill of at least one little ridiculous awesome thing everyday, too. (Scroll down to the bottom of my webpage and sign up for daily email notifications if you haven’t already.)

When we do things that make us happy, we stay unstuck, when we are not stuck, we are more badass, when we are badass, we take life by the you know what’s and don’t wait for damn permission from anyone to do whatever the heck we want.

Did you know you have the choice to do whatever the heck you want?



This Blue Lollipop Road was inspired by a couple of crazy joyful girls who didn’t care what day it was, they lived like they meant it. I will always be inspired to do the same. Today I celebrate making the choice to celebrate. Staying happy is a practice. Lace up, buttercup, and get in the game. The whistle just blew and it’s go time…

How are you going to start celebrating more?

#StartDriving #LifeUnstuck #TodayIsTheDay

*Feeling stuck as a pig in a pit? Call me! (804.339.6514) I can help.


365 days of blue lollipop road; day, well….errr…

On January 1st I started a 365 project. Mid-February I started falling a bit behind on posts and here we are on April 4th with a whole lot of days missing. (Translation; really behind.) Yikes!

My creative time gets limited here sometimes because I have to figure out ways to make money to pay my bills. (What a drag:) I want to do so much and often forget I’m only one person (who knew!) So, as I continue my bleeding heart commitments and true, true loves like BLR Play It Forward & The BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund, some just-for-fun projects like 365 Days of Blue Lollipop Road fall off the radar/get delayed/postponed.READ MORE


365 days of blue lollipop road; day 43


Yep, that’s a couple of frozen biscuits (getting ready to be cooked on this snowy morning), the bottle caps (from the few beers my friends and I had during the snow slumber party last night), and a sugar container accompanied by a pen and some shoe laces (pulled from the kitchen junk drawer.)

The weird things you find entertaining when you are stuck inside like a caged animal.

Someone rescue me! The snow won’t stop.

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 42


Holy moses these southern winter storms just won’t stop. The crazy part is how unprepared this part of the country is. I have to admit, being a Vermonter, It’s seriously entertaining watching the mad scramble freak out of the news, the schools, the stores, the peeps, the everything down here with the threat of a few inches of the white stuff. On the flip side, being a Vermonter I keep thinking- um, didn’t I move out of that wintery state for a reason? Where’s my North carolina sunshine?!

Thankfully I have awesome readers who warm me up with photos of things like their hot coffee and fire places! Today’s BLR from Grace:

How cozy does that look? I wish I was sitting in front of that fire all snuggled up right now…

This is where Grace found her Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

#BLR365 #LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #Cozy


365 days of blue lollipop road; day 40


Don’t you just love it when your pancake comes out of the kitchen with a swirl in the middle of it, that you can make into an “R?”

I do!

The rest of the deliciousness on that plate is the bottom half of my scrambled egg and cheese biscuit sandwich, and this amazing fresh made local blackberry jam that Zada Janes Corner Cafe’ has on every table. That jam calls to me! Twist my arm, jam! I guess I will have to slather you all over my fresh-made biscuit…yet again.

Mmmm. I love you, brunch.

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 39


It’s about 50 degrees and sunny today, which feels tropical considering the terrible weather we’ve been having here in the south this winter. Typically you’d never see anyone at that temperature down here walking around in shorts, however, everyone was out like caged animals set free today. It’s as if we can’t stand one more day of hibernation station.

Like a crazy person thinking I was in the Caribbean, I put on shorts and set out for what I like to call one of my Diane epic walks. (That means charge up the phone, grab the ear buds, a credit card in case of craving emergency, and leave the house wandering aimlessly for whatever amount of hours the mood strikes, and along the way listening to music, calling friends I haven’t talked with in a long time to catch up, taking photos, and/or peruse various stores, coffee shops, or other that look interesting.

I made Today’s BLR out of some uber dry little leaves during my epic all afternoon walk:

…while battling the wind, that kept blowing them away, just when I got ready to snap the photo:

I have to say it was fun to challenge mother Nature for a few minutes. (And fun to get outside for a little taste of spring that’s hopefully right around the corner.)

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 38


It was a word search Friday for one reader! Check it:

I love reader submissions! Who will be there next one?

I’m thinking day 39 might have an Olympic theme now that Sochi 2014 has officially kicked off and I am totally obsessed…:)

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 36


Tonight I watched NBC’s back story on a few of the Olympians who will be competing in Sochi, as I sipped wine and worked under my snuggly fleece blanket:

It pretty much felt like heaven.

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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