celebrate everyday: day 10


I took this photo at the DMV today:

License Plate Wall

…and I had a shockingly easy, helpful experience. (See?! There’s hope for everything!)

The license plate is always the first thing I look at when I see a car. Still. Since I was little, anytime we drove anywhere, I would look for plates from states I hadn’t seen before, and daydream about where the people inside the cars were going. I would wonder about what these places looked like, and fantasize about going to them someday.

I’ve spent time in all 50 states and 19 countries at this point. Seeing this wall yesterday made me feel that fire inside I love, for adventure and the possibility of everything out there, to see, be, and do. I still believe “travel” is the fastest route to your truth; Putting yourself in any completely foreign/uncomfortable/new environment, staying flexible, and figuring out how to independently navigate is incredibly empowering.

Today I celebrate possibility in the unknown, and all the magic that can happen when you take a step towards life to somewhere new. 

Today is the day. The road awaits. Where are you going?

#StartDriving #LifeOutsideTheDroneZone #StepOutside

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meet ben

Ben is a friend of a friend. When I was in Seattle this summer, our mutual friend put us in touch, so he and I met for lunch. After lunch he was kind enough to tour me around the city (Have you seen that amazing library?!) Ben just so happened to have blue hair (how cool is that?)- so naturally we had to take a photo next to the BLR Mobile:

Blue hair and Blue Lollipop Road!

People like Ben make me happy. He volunteered to take a few hours out of his work day to show off his city to me, a perfect stranger. This is what awesomely generous, cool and fun people do because they appreciate adventure and curiosity a much as I do.

To Ben:

1,000 apologies for being incredibly late on this post! Thanks for offering yourself to be in the story of my great 2010 Alaskan adventure. I’m still smiling.

Is the hair still blue?

To E.V.:

Thanks for the introduction. When are we having hot chocolate?


Skagway to Sequim

I often feel like a broken record talking about meeting fabulous strangers and all the feasting and great conversation I have had on the road, but well- that’s what’s best about traveling for me so I guess my redundant stories shall continue. I am staying with Judy tonight. Judy is the woman I met in Skagway Alaska.( I wrote and posted photos of she and her brother Allen from Montana a few weeks back.) When we’d said our goodbye’s back Alaska she insisted I call her when I got to Washington state and here I sit in her guest cottage now typing this. She just made me a most delicious meal for dinner topped off with fresh peaches over vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. She toured me around her neighborhood tonight before our dinner where we saw beautiful views of the water, mountains and about 30 deer. Total nature and gorgeous green here in a tiny town outside Seattle.

I had taken some time to relax out of the city, driving and my usual go, go, go today. I ended up “going into town” on a sweet and slow wander to the store this afternoon where I snapped these photos I thought were fun in celebration of a farm b-day:

Outside Seattle

Outside Seattle

Oh the excellent photos, food, and places. So few 100 years of life to eat it all up.

I’m going to need a job in food, wine and travel very soon. I can see my life heading in that direction like a freight train time and time again. I’ll also be needing to add more than running to my work out sessions as all this feasting is making me bust at the seams. That and when I go in for my check-up with my dentist soon, Dr. T is going to have a bone to pick with me. I feel a cavity coming on. (Tear…I brush, floss and rinse, but this is no battle for Voodoo doughnuts and road food. Ack!) I’ll try to brush those few little issues under my head rug so I can take in my last bit of time to be thankful on this incredible journey of new landscapes, friends and foods. Perhaps I will decided on some far-out health or no salt/sugar challenge to post here next to hold myself accountable. I mean, that’s how this whole Alaska thing got started anyway. I wrote that day back a few moths ago that I was going to go, then thought oh shit, then well- I have to now and I did it! (Nothing like a little world wide web pressure to keep you getting up early and staying up late to make sure you reach a goal.)

Here’s again to the many feasts and people from the road that add to all the stories and smiles in my adventure. Thanks Judy!