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so much better than regular tv


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…and this:

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…and this:

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After watching those, are you slightly horrified about how much money you waste, crap you have, or how ungrateful you are in your current situation that’s actually pretty awesome?

Scared shitless to ever walk into the mall, Target, or (ugh!) Costco again until you actually need something?

Inspired to maybe treat others with a little more respect, purge some closets, or blow up your life and go after what you really want?

Good. Welcome to life outside the drone zone. So glad you’re here.

#CheckYourselfBeforeYouWreckYourself #Consciousness #Freedom


how do you choose to spend your time?

Today is Sunday December 18th and TED and I have been snuggling on this delightful lazy morning with coffee, happy as all get out, daydreaming and planning for a big adventure and the kick off to 2017 with some big stuff for Blue Lollipop Road. Lately this run of talks I’ve been watching are aligned perfectly with a new project I will announce soon.

Ahhh, freedom! That superpower gifted in America that we have everyday, to CHOOSE exactly what we do with our time and our lives:

A little hint about my new project, TBA:

The choices we make.

Today is the day to spend your time how YOU want. This ain’t his/her/their/those guys rodeo. Get on your horse and ride, baby!

#LessExcusesMoreTimeHappyLife #WhatAreYouWaitingFor? #ChooseYourRoad


we need more altruism

In a time of life during which I seem to watch (and experience) more and more humans who are completely self-absorbed, this is a refreshing watch:

I write here on this Blue Lollipop Road in hopes to inspire others to do more of what they love, keep in perspective what’s important, and live happy. I’ve worked very hard to build a life of being a good friend, sister, daughter, neighbor, etc. In all my imperfections, I’m incredibly proud of myself for doing a pretty decent job at that. Aren’t we all supposed to at least try to go the extra mile or do the right thing when nobody’s watching? Check in on someone because that’s the right thing to do? Shouldn’t these types of things be second nature?

Maybe I’m crazy.

Lately, I’ve had far too many repetitive conversations in an attempt to understand why people seem to just not give a shit about much, or anyone…but themselves.

I don’t like it, I think It’s pretty sad, and I think we can do better.

I’m off to practice keeping my head out of my ass. Won’t you join me?

#GetYourHeadOutOfYourAss #LookUp #TimeToGiveAShit


i’m a scrapper. you should hire me


My Grandfather has always called me a Pisser. (Translation: feisty girl who will never give up until she makes “it” work/happen.)

My friend Gigi tells me my business cards should read: “Diane Peacock, getting shit DONE since 1978.”

I have to say I agree with them:

There’s something to be said for a person who’s come from humble beginnings, gotten their ass handed to them more than once, or um…ten times, and still comes out the other side ready, wanting, and willing to fight to make things happen.

I’m that girl.

What drives your purpose and passion?

#Fearless #GetItDone #NeverGiveUp


stop screwing, start doing

This TED Talk popped in my inbox this morning. (Thanks, M!) I watched it as I sipped my coffee on the porch, cheering YES! and laughing through the whole video.

This woman is awesome. I’m a big fan of people who cut straight through the bs:

TED Talk

This makes me think of one of the books I just wrote about in my top 5 read this now list; The War of Art. I wholeheartedly agree with the theory that every single one of us has incredibly special things about us and unique ideas that can change the world.

Let’s all keep forcing the covers off to spend our days going for what we want.

“Get outside! That’s where the magic is.”

#Jump #CarpeDiem #BeMoreThanJustFine