Buried in your unorganized space? I help you get rid of the crap you don’t need or want. Purge baby, purge! Feel the freedom.
Ready for something completely new and different? I make a game plan for you, and can plan your launch party, too!
Working hard for your money and not sure where it’s going? I show you how to stop the bleeding. Yeah!
Want to jump and not sure how to get there? I’ve got your back! And all the trusted resources you need to get you on your way.
Let’s get serious, people!

Less waiting. More doing.

The clock is ticking…

EVERYBODY hits a point in their life when they need, want, have to make a change. And change is hard. And it’s exciting. And it can be scary. But change goes a lot smoother with an experienced guide by your side to make sure a.) you’re making the right change for the right reasons and b.) you get the job done without leaving a big old mess in your wake.

My clients are people who are ready for a change. You may not even know what that means yet, but you need someone to help you hash it out. I can do SO much more than that, but here’s where the process starts: 
I handle:
*The Goals
*The Stuff
*The Address
*The Logistics
*The Mindset for a Clear Follow-Through
Some of this service is conceptual, such as, helping you answer….Where do I want to go next in my life? 
This service is brass-tacks concrete black-and-white like….where do I dump my 60-piece china collection, now that I’ve decided to live in a tiny house? Or how do I organize my closet, so that I can get to my new job that I’m so excited to start!
How do I find a real estate agent? (Easy! My husband & I are both real estate brokers. We can help you buy, sell, or rent, or we will collaborate with your agent if you already have one!)  What steps do I need to take to prep my house, my paperwork, and my finances for a move?
Who’s going to buy this stuff I don’t need? What goes to Goodwill and what translates to good money? And what if I need a storage unit or a moving truck. Or a temporary rental in a new town? 
How do I build on my goal to get where I want to go, and avoid backsliding into my comfortable past? What kind of classes or books should I immerse myself in to support my new direction in life and actually follow through to a happy new place? Maybe a therapist is in order? Maybe I need to plug into meetup groups in my new place or field.  
‘Blue Lollipop Road’ is the ROUTE to your happy place, and I am the guide along that road. My services are a combination of the emotional and the downright dull and nitty-gritty. (Both are essential to reaching the higher goal). 

Whether it’s a job change, life change, marriage, relocation, chuck-it and move to a hut in the woods….whatever that change is, I support people in identifying it and making it happen. Nobody gets through life without making big changes. We all need help to make them, and do it right! Change is a fact of life, and it’s not some ethereal, airy-fairy dreamy, thing for special snowflakes who have found enlightenment. Heck no! People get divorced. They become empty nesters. They break off engagements and have to start all over again. They get sick and tired of living in the drone zone.

So what are you waiting for? 

“Diane was a godsend to help my husband and I work through many spaces in our home before a renovation. Not only is she the least judgmental person on the planet, but she has extensive experience working with people who are emotionally attached to their stuff.”

~ Carrie & John

“I wanted you to know I feel like I got a great deal out of our time working together. From a changing of mindset level it was really helpful. You certainly planted simple living seeds in my mind. Thank you.”

~ Carolyn

“It’s been so great to have you help reorganize our place AND to get to know you. You’re THE BEST! I really appreciate your perspective and energy. It’s been transformative.”

~ Sam

“Thanks Diane – I am once again very impressed with your care and dedication to your clients.”

~ Linda