Million Mile Joe



Today is Wednesday October 16, and this makes b-day number 5 for BLR. Let’s celebrate!

Cupcake anyone?!

She-Daisy Cupcakery Cupcake

This is the perfect time to write about the above de-lish treat (sun drop pound cake with a sun drop glaze and lemon buttercream) that Wendi, Owner of She Daisy Cupcakery gifted me a few weeks ago after she bought a pair of my vintage Frye boots. (Craigslist rocks.) So yeah, I took a treat from a stranger. (I seem to keep breaking all those rules our parents told us to live by.) Wendi was a blast to talk to. She quit a career that was blah, followed her passion to the land of things sweet- and voila a cupcake company! Another good story about a random encounter with a hard-working, inspiring person who followed their heart. I love being able to share about these kind of people here.

Without a doubt the best part of these past 5 years on the Blue Lollipop Road, has been meeting new people, the kindness of strangers, and spending time with those already in my life that I love. What else is there, really?

Ahhh- yes, the people I’ve met along the way, who share similar interests:

Million Mile Joe

Hood River, Oregon travel people

Allen & Judy Kirkwood on Alaska Ferry Boat

Meet Jack Burrows: Blue Lollipop Road

…the cities I’ve fallen in love with:

Chicago skyline from my apartment

Toronto view

…my various office locations:

Blue Benn Diner Office

Coffee Shop Office

Finger Lakes Office

My BLR Chicago Office

Coffee Shop Office

Coffee Shop Patio Office

…the food I’ve noshed on:

Chicago Brunch de-lish

Food truck tacos

Bongo Room Pancakes

Blue Benn Diner breakfast appetizer

…the places that’ve helped me find the way back to myself:

Thank you Argentina! I found myself again

…the signs that make me laugh:

Signs at The Chocolate Barn

Signs In Bathrooms

Upstate, NY Road Signs

Farmer's Market

Funny Signs: Blue Lollipop Road

Funny Signs: Blue Lollipop Road

…the excitement, energy, and adorable kids (and adults) who keep the Strong Mojo alive:

BLR Play It Forward Day 2012

Ben & Sam with blue tongues

The Carter Girls playing mini gold in BLR tees

Blue Lollipop Kids!

Caleb & Carter with blue tongues

Scott & Sierra love blue lollipops

…the adventure from coast to coast and beyond:

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

BLR-Mobile at the Alaska Border

BLR in Bermuda

The original Blue Lollipop Road: Cafayete, Argentina

Henna in India

Bermuda sights

Iquazu Falls, Argentina


"Crabbing" in Ketchikan, Alaska

…the lessons I’ve learned:

BLR inspiration

…the special friends I’ve reconnected with:

BLR Play It Forward Day 2012

BLR Play It Forward 2013

BLR PLay It Forward Day 2012

BLR PLay It Forward Celebration Cocktails 2013

…honoring lost friends by giving back to hometown female athletes, so they have the opportunity to go out and see a bigger world too:

BLR Memorial Scholarship recipients Hannah Patterson & Mercedes Chen

(Above left 2012 Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship recipient Hannah Patterson, and 2013 recipient Mercedes Chen at a recent soccer game:)

…events with good friends in beloved landmarks:

Cubs at Wrigley!

…the strangers out there who’re also on the Blue Lollipop Road:

BLR partners in crime

…the freedom I have found and felt:

Finding freedom on the Blue Lollipop Road

Finding freedom on the Blue Lollipop Road

…the truths I’ve come to know and trust:

Knowing what makes me richer

…the journeys and daydreaming in the sky:

Plane ride to Bermuda

…and on the road:

VA farm country

…the cheesy places I’ve been:

BLR-Mobile at South of the Border

…and the beautiful:

Napa hot air balloon mornings

…the nicknames I’ve acquired:


…knowing that there will always be bumps, so I better strap in tight:

Buckle up on the BLR

…never losing faith in things that I hope for:

I think so too

Things I wish

…and to wherever, and whatever- the road leads to next:

The Blue Lollipop Road

5 years ago today I drove down a road in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and “Blue Lollipop Road” popped ever so randomly into my head as I was brainstorming a best way to share my stories with more than just family and close friends. Who knew this is what it would become! I’ve managed all the above on a shoestring budget and with no plan whatsoever. I didn’t grow up with a trust fund, I never spent my childhood jet-setting the globe with my parents (I barely made it out of the state of Vermont until I was 15), I’ve never taken any writing or computer classes (I’m sure that is very obvious considering my regular grammatical errors and other:), and at the risk of sounding so cliche’- I’m just a small town wildly curious kid, that came from humble beginnings, learned in an heartbreaking incident at a very young age how short life is, and since then have decided that every day is a chance and a choice to live like I mean it. During my journeys on this Blue Lollipop Road, I’ve learned things that’ve absolutely changed my perspective and my life as a whole, I’ve seen places that’ve taken my breath away, and I’ve met people I wouldn’t have been able to in my wildest dreams- all because of this platform. Now that is something to celebrate!

I’ve written and shared here in and effort to keep myself in check and awake about what’s really important, to prevent myself from falling into the drone-zone, and to remember all the things that are possible. I hope by visiting here, you stay fired-up about life, like a kid in a candy store too.

Here’s to the next 5 years, and to going for it all.

What are you celebrating today?

#HappyBirthday #LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #ThisIsWhatILove


million mile joe tour

I’m thrilled to share that my friends Joe (Aka Million Mile Joe) & Sharon LoCicero will be heading out on a cross-country tour soon to show off “Old Blue” and educate the public on what consistent maintenance, service, quality parts and American products can and will reward you with.(I’m currently trying to figure out how I can strap myself onto the roof of their trailer. Nothing makes my heart race with excitement like the news or possibility of a Great American Road Trip.) 

If you have been following here for any amount of time, you know I was sent by Honda during my sponsored road trip in September, 2011 to meet Joe. Give two people like Joe and I who are Honda Super Fans a full day together? We had a blast. Here we are driving in Joe’s famed Million Mile Honda:

Here is the stack of the mileage log notebooks Joe kept over the years:

(I’m a first take and un-edited kind of girl, so please excuse my every 2 second laughing and the dog barking!)

There are many more videos and photos from the first time Joe and I met, but fast forward to October, 2011 when Honda Hosted Million Mile Joe Day and gave him a new blue Accord:

Here I am with Joe during that celebration:

Million Mile Joe & Diane Peacock

It was a great day in Saco, Maine!

Since first meeting Joe & Sharon during the fall of 2011, we’ve kept in touch regularly and both never wavered in our love for Honda’s or spending time doing what we love. Joe & Sharon have not only donated to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship since my launch of BLR Play It Forward in 2012, but they drove from Maine to Vermont this summer to support me, Blue Lollipop Road and joined in the days events for Play It Forward, 2013. Sharon even made “BLR” cookies out of my favorite things; Oreo’s & Nutella in case this is your first visit here and you don’t know me yet:) and crafted up a BLR shirt for herself too!

Sharon LoCicero & Diane with BLR Play It Forward shirts

How awesome is that tee?! How awesome are they for donating to the scholarship fund and coming to support me in person with treats in hand?!

Here we are after the alumni game, when I was nice and sweaty:

BLR Play It Forward Day with Million Mile Joe & Sharon LoCicero

I’ve known about the planned “Million Mile Joe Tour” for a while now, so when I got an email with the link to their site last night from Sharon I was excited to poke around and read more about the tour. Check it out!

Joe & I happened to meet because of our love of a brand of car that has been a huge part of our lives, but what else would a single 30-something traveling, writing, nomadic, city-loving gal and a 50-something home-based, mechanic dad/husband country-loving guy have in common besides our love for Hondas? A lot. Joe has heart, he’s a hard-worker, he’s smart and dedicated. He spends time doing what he loves with the people he loves. From everything I’ve seen and experienced knowing Joe & Sharon for the past couple of years, I know they care about their community, and they do the right thing when nobody is watching. I’m proud to say they’re my friends! I couldn’t be more excited to follow their MMJ Tour. I hope you will join me in following their journey too, and try to meet them in person if they come to a town hear you.

Joe & Sharon are a perfect example of why I love being on “the road.” I stay inspired by people; Learning about their lives, hearing their amazing stories & about interesting projects they’re working on, constantly being humbled about the unexpected good that’s out there, and collecting lessons around every corner. I’m inspired by average “Joe’s” who have drive to do extraordinary things, and that are just plain GOOD people like the LoCicero’s of the world.

Thanks for being awesome Joe & Sharon! Here’s to the road.

Who inspires you?

#MillionMileJoe #OldBlue #Honda #HondaLove #RoadTrip



I’m happy to share that my friends Sharon and Joe (AKA “Million Mile Joe“) LoCicero have donated once again to the BLR Play It Forward Event and Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship Fund! Since meeting Sharon and Joe in the fall of 2011 during my Honda sponsored road trip and fun in Maine, they’ve been incredibly supportive of me and BLR which I am so thankful for. (Fellow road warriors stick together!) Joe and Sharon are tried and true hard working, sweet, generous New Englanders, and a great example of why I have so much pride for the part of the world I came from.

I had to go through the archives to find a few photos from my time in Maine with them. Here I am at their house behind Old BLUE (Joe’s 1990 Accord with 1,000,000 miles on it), giving a thumbs up to Honda:

Me with Old Blue and a thumbs up to Honda love

…and check out Joe with his blue lollipop!

Million Mile Joe with a blue lollipop!

Here are the three of us after the big parade Honda put on to give Joe a new car back in October 2011:

Million Mile Joe LoCicero, Diane Peacock and Sharon LoCicero

(A bit blurry but I love this one. That was a seriously fun day.)

Joe and Sharon are soon embarking on an adventure of their own that I will write about later this summer. Besides that, they’re coming to BLR Play It Forward on July 13th in Vermont! Yay! That’s right, Joe and Sharon are road tripping from Vacationland to come watch and support my big annual Blue Lollipop Road event. Awesome!

Thanks for the donation and constant support Sharon and Joe! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


i’m here. it’s on!

Turns out that Spirit Airlines is actually no b.s! Ok, so you don’t get any TV, drink or any other extras, but who likes that freeze dried chicken sandwich crap other airlines serve anyway? I’d rather have a $39 plane ticket for a quick flight and save my loot for the good food once I get “there” thankyouverymuch. So I am in Maine, flight Chicago to Boston was an easy breeze, direct too, departed and arrived within 1.5 hours or so. Fabulous. Spirit is going to stay on my radar for future quick, easy, cheap getaways for sure.

It’s near 3am, I must be up an atem early to help make (and sample of course) whoopie pies in last minute prep for Saturdays Harvest on the Harbor, so I will keep this short as I need to get some shut-eye. A big weekend is about to unfold here in the Vacationland of the Northeast. I was even contacted today by a radio show host and newspaper columnist in Bangor via someone in Detroit about the Honda fun and celebration with Million Mile Joe on Sunday. We shall see what happens with that.

Plenty to report back soon. I got to eat a preliminary BLR flavor whoopie tonight right out of the airport gate; Nutella filling squishing out of a chocolate cake. Mmmm….


planes, trains and automobiles

Well, actually- just planes and automobiles.

I usually drive everywhere (as you have heard the Honda love and about all my road trips), but tomorrow I fly to Boston en route to Maine for this weekends Whoopsies/Harvest on the Harbor and Million Mile Joe festivities. I got a super last minute deal flight on Spirit Airlines (booked just last week) so we shall see how that goes. I already found out about some extra charges and fine print, but round trip even with those so far is looking like a total of $175 non-stop Chicago to Boston, so fingers crossed no more hidden fees. I will report back of course. You know I love getting the best deal around and that’s all I can afford anyway, so I believe in keeping all flights under $200 if humanly possible.

It’s hard to believe it’s coming up on a month since I’ve been back in Chicago from my BLR Honda September Adventure. It’s all been a whirlwind! Going back to job #1 slinging burgers and beers to pay the bills, finding an apartment. to home base in, run around the city finding furniture and all apartment furnishing, sleep for more than 2 minutes, run, Zumba, dance class, and of course job #2 BLR and working on fun things like b-day #3 and the launch of this sweet new whoopie pie, finagling to make it to Million Miles Joe’s day and yet another collaboration that’s been in the works for a while that I will be UBER excited to report on when I am able. I have a few wrap up videos from last months trip I owe here that will be posted within the next week. After vagabonding for so many years, I have to say it’s been nice to walk in and shut my own door of my own little home at night, and sleep in my own bed. (Yes! I got a bed! First time in a very long time. What a treat.)

Besides the treat of a bed and place to actually receive mail and shower where I don’t have to pack up my toiletries each day, my home base offers the #1 thing that I was looking for: A place to have all my things nice and organized so I have the foundation to work on and plan even more kick-ass adventures and projects! You didn’t actually think this was it/home base established/game over did you? Hee hee…of course not! BLR year 3 has got some serious momentum and oh the “places” we will go. The more time that passes, the more and more I see that everything is possible, so I fully plan to continue on taking in everything I can and encouraging you all to do the same.

Next time you see me here I’ll be stuffing my face with a BLR flavored whoopie pie!


in honor of blr birthday #3…

…drumroll please…

I am happy to share the news that in honor of Blue Lollipop Road turning 3, My new and incredibly talented, sassy, fun friends at Whoopsies Gourmet Whoopie Pies are launching a new flavor called The Blue Lollipop Road!!!


If you have followed my journeys since the beginning, you know I am a chocolate and treat lover. My all-time favorite indulgence being Oreos dipped in Nutella. Well, during my BLR Honda September adventure last month I met Marcia and Berkeley (partners in de-lish whoopie pie making crime) who opened me into their sweet world to me. We became instant pals, I fell in love with their product, and of course during the time I spent in Marcia’s Portland Maine kitchen chatting away and noshing, we thought- what about a whoopie involving my ultimate favorite?


This is the official announcement for the Blue Lollipop Road whoopie pie flavor kick off. I will fly to Maine later this week to launch in person and work at Harvest on the Harbor with the Whoopsie crew on Saturday (the 22nd.) If you are around the Portland, Maine area- stop by and see us at this event! I am absolutely thrilled to work with such a fabulous company and people that make such a delicious product!

On Sunday (the 23rd) I will be with the other pal I made in Maine on my BLR Honda September Adventure; Million Mile Joe! As of this morning, he is literally just miles from hitting ONE MILLION MILES on his 1990 Honda Accord. Amazing! This weekend Honda is honoring Joe and his huge accomplishment that is just hours away in a big celebration and they’ve invited me. Of course I wouldn’t miss this event after meeting Joe and all the love I have for my own Honda. A few of us know about one big treat Joe is getting this Sunday, but there’s another super secret surprise for him Honda has kept that we are all looking forward to hearing about.

SO FUN! Here’s to big birthdays, super sweets, treats, and a million miles!

More soon…


day 9: scarborough, me to norway, me to chantilly, va

After months of looking forward to meeting the fellow-Honda loving Million Mile Joe- today was the day!

Joe and I made no absolutely no schedule or plans other than to meet at a local coffee shop and go from there. I got there early and anxiously awaited his arrival:

Cafe' Nomad: Norway Maine

Joe came and we chatted for a long while. Even though it was a first time meeting, we talked and talked and laughed like old friends. We then decided to go explore a bit and check out each others cars, so we were off:

Joe turned out to be quite the tour guide! The first place he wanted to show me was Lake Pennesseewasee. (Called Lake Norway by locals.):

Lake Pennesseewasee: AKA Lake Norway

A gorgeous back drop for where older meets new Honda:

Older Honda meets newer Honda

Joe’s quite the jokester. He pretends his car needs a push:

Joking Joe: Pushing his Honda Accord

Joking Joe: Pushing his Honda Accord

After the lake stop, it was a must to go to this well-known sign with all the countries (towns) in Maine:

Diane's loaned Honda Civic in Norway Maine

Older Honda meets newer Honda in Norway, Maine

Off we went to Joe’s house. Check out this fun sign Sharon (Joe’s wife) made to welcome me:

Joe's wife makes a sign!

How sweet was that? (Thanks Sharon!)

I had to get a photo of Joe’s bumper, twin to mine with his URL:

The Million Mile Honda Accord

…and one of the man and the car; uninterrupted:

Million Mile Joe and his 1990 Honda Accord

Does that look like one happy guy or what?

First thing was first. A gift exchange!

Hours flew by as we shared stories and information about our lives in Honda. I jumped in Joe’s rig to give a thumbs up:

Thumbs up to a million miles Joe!

…and then thought I was funny to pretend I was cooly cruising down the road:

Diane takes a drive in Joe's car

(Yes, I was in full geek-out mode!) I zoomed in on that odometer that’s so close to a million:

999,244 on Joe's Honda Accord

…and of course added a the blue lollipop:

999,244 on Joe's Honda Accord

I was very excited to see that Joe uses paper maps too:

Million Mile Joe carries paper maps

Joe showed me the engine and parts that keep on trucking’:

Under the hood: Million Mile Joe's Honda Accord

…and showed me a few of the parts and pieces he’s used over the years:

Who’s Powered by Honda?

Million Mile Joe: Powered by Honda

Joe is! There’s that famous hat. Who else is Powered by Honda?

Diane Peacock- Powered by Honda

I am! Yep- Joe let me borrow his hat for a few minutes. I need to get myself one of those…

After a whole bunch of car talk, Joe suggested we go explore a couple of local spots, so in the car we went buzzing down the back roads of Maine:

I like the sight of this; The special blue lollipop right in the mix of Joe’s console collection:

A blue lollipop in Million Mile Jo's console

First stop what we though was going to be a Deer Farm that actually turned out to be an Elk Farm:

(This was a blast and as you heard in the video extra special for me in that I love when I visit people and it turns into an excuse for them to do something in their own town they haven’t done yet!)

After the Elk Farm, Joe took me to Snow Falls:

Snow Falls: Maine

Here we are together!

Diane Peacock and Million Mile Joe at Snow Falls: Maine

…and the falls were that green New England nature that’s so nice and relaxing to breathe in:

Snow Falls: Maine

Snow Falls: Maine

Back to Joe’s house we went so he could show me his log books of all the miles he’s driven:

Quite the collection.

It was time for some last words for the day and bits of advice from the Pro Joe:

Do you love that Joe’s favorite are Snow Caps? Joe and I already got along famously, but when I learned his vice was chocolate just like me, our bond was certainly kicked up 100 notches! (Great minds think alike:)

Perhaps my favorite photo of the day, I had to get one with Joe and the blue Lollipop:

Million Mile Joe with a blue lollipop!

This picture really makes me smile.

What a blast of a day! So many great unexpected surprises for me. Joe and I spent way more hours together than I thought we would (and I was happy about that!) We had to practically force ourselves to step away because we could have talked forever, but I needed to get on the road to knock out some serious mileage. Like the sweet Dad he is (Joe has daughters my age)- he was sort of shooing me to go so I wouldn’t be driving too late. (My Parents will appreciate reading that. Thanks from my Mom before she even reads this Joe.)

I collected so much from the day, it’d take me forever to list here. The biggest thoughts from the day though, are that Joe and I might look different, but we are very much the same. We love our families, we’re regular people, hard workers, we have have cars that have been our partners in crime, that transportation that’s been reliable everyday that we never worry about, and we find joy in small things in life. No matter where I am on the road, I continue to meet people like Joe that I connect with that I never might expect to. This is always a welcomed surprise and one of the reasons I stay excited about getting up in the morning. Did I ever think I’d connect with a complete stranger in Maine because of the love I have for my Honda’s that’ve taken me to so many amazing places over the years? No. Am I happy that I have, and do I think I probably have a new friend for a very long to come that “gets” me in my quirky Honda loyalty because he has the same? Absolutely. That is awesome.

Even though I rolled out of Joe’s driveway much later than expected and was facing a long 10 hour drive, I felt like I was on a high as if I’d just finished a marathon. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It’s always a such a treat for me to be able to spend time with someone I can laugh with and that shares a similar passion to mine. I am quite confident Joe and I will see each other again, and I am looking forward to it!

Thank you so much for a great day Joe. I appreciate you letting me jump into your world and being able to share some of mine too. Let’s get together for some Snow Caps and whoopie pies soon? Until then, here’s to never giving up on a dream, and hitting that million miles. You deserve all the best and I can’t wait to watch you reach your big goal!

I am now that good exhausted after such a fantastic day and a drive until 4am all the way from Central Maine to Virginia. I’ve been invited to the Great Grapes, Wine, Art & Food Festival tomorrow, so off I go…

***Total miles driven today, day 9: 694

***Total miles driven since trip start (9/2/11): 1,562

***Total blue lollipops gifted/left behind since trip start (9/2/11): 13


day 8: around portland, me

My last day around the Portland area today was a fantastic one. To kick it off in a most lovely scene:

By now you all know that wandering and stopping at random roadside spots to talk to strangers or nosh on something delicious is one of my favorite hobbies. So how excited was I when fabulous local (Shay) took me to meet a Lobsterman who lives right next to her house in Scarborough:

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

Exactly what you’d picture but even nicer, meet the man who catches the delicious fresh dinner so many love:

I had absolutely no idea the amount of work, training, certification, waiting, etc. that went into Lobstering. This is why I love doing what I do. I’m alway learning there is an art, a patience, and mad skill to everything- and I’m constantly meeting such interesting and driven people! Eric prepping piles of buoys as we chatted:

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

A photo of his boat from inside the shack:

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

The tank full and ready for purchase:

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

Up close for you lobster lovers!

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

Apparently Eric cooks the lobster for guests too and gets everything table ready so you just sit down and eat! Right next to the shack is his vegetable garden as well. This guy does it all and he couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming. To top it off there was a big ol’ sweet brown dog named Sam who was lingering around to make the whole scene picture perfect:

E.A.T Lobster, Scarborough Maine

A friendly and hard-working Lobsterman in an LL Bean t-shirt, a shack with rocking chairs outside with a trap as a side table, a happy dog, and a beautiful Maine afternoon; Awesome. Thanks for the tour and time Eric!

After lobster time, my tour guide Shay whisked me off to Dean’s Sweets; A chocolate shop. (Go figure!):

Dean's Sweets, Portland Maine

Dean's Sweets, Portland Maine

We walked in and chatted with a nice woman inside (Dean’s wife) who fed us some delicious samples:

Dean's Sweets, Portland Maine

Dark chocolate salt caramels. (Jackpot!) Just when we were about to leave, in walked Dean himself. I told him I loved his chocolates and in conversation, I mentioned that Honda had loaned me a car to go on an adventure and that’s what had brought me in his store. His face lit up and he told me he drove a Honda. I looked out the window and there it was; A very loved, very well-used and appreciated Honda Accord Wagon. Naturally that got me excited so we had to go out and see:

Thanks for letting me squeeze in a video of you and your car for Blue Lollipop Road Dean! Even more, thanks for being a fellow chocolate and Honda lover! It’s a good life eh?

After I totally geeked out about that serendipitous meeting, we crossed the street to Duckfat for some of their famous fries:

Duckfat, Portland Maine

…with a side of truffle ketchup:

Duckfat, Portland Maine

I know right? Truffle ketchup?! Yeah- it was that good. (Thanks to reader Eliza for the suggestion! Yum!) I had to of course have a cold Allagash White, to pair with the fries. Allagash is brewed in Portland:

Duckfat, Portland Maine

I thought Duckfat’s sandwich board sign was funny:

Duckfat, Portland Maine

The noshing afternoon continued on to Caiola’s which has an incredible outside back patio, complete with table around giant tree in the middle of it:

Caiola's, Portland Maine Caiola's, Portland Maine

The must-have at Caiola’s? Polenta fries I was told:

Polenta fries at Caiola's, Portland Maine Polenta fries at Caiola's, Portland Maine

That is polenta fries with smoked paprika, cheddar cheese and a tomato and Red Pepper relish. Holy motherload. I know I have talked about a lot of food, and I rave and rave about lots of de-lish things, but I am telling you this dish is one of the top 5 things I have ever eaten when it comes to restaurant appetizers. Maybe it’s because sharp, sharp white cheddar is my absolute favorite cheese, maybe it’s because red peppers are one of my favorite veggies. I don’t know. Either way those polenta fries were so smack-yo-mamma good I had quite a moment eating them. If you live in, are going to, or might ever go to Portland Maine- run, don’t walk to Caiola’s for this plate of heaven.

Stuffed and happy with fries and chocolate, we headed to catch the sunset at the Black Point Inn. This was the view as we relaxed in big white chairs from the lawn:

Sunset in Scarborough, Maine Sunset in Scarborough, Maine Sunset in Scarborough, Maine

I just sat there thinking to myself how beautiful the scene was, and how we all probably could use to stop and watch the sunsets a little more. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe sights like this are free. Quite a scenic way to wrap up yet another fun and interesting day on the road.

Thanks for being such a fabulous tour guide Shay!

Tomorrow? Oh yeah- you know it! I am off to meet the one and only Million Mile Joe. I’ve been looking forward to this for months and can’t wait to share stories, photos and video here.

***Total miles driven today, day 8: 75

***Total miles driven since trip start (9/2/11): 868

***Total blue lollipops gifted/left behind since trip start (9/2/11): 12