976 votes so far!

The votes are pouring in on the Honda Facebook page poll on where to send me. Results so far as of today:

1.) Kitty Hawk, NC (118 votes)

2.) Statue of Liberty (602 votes)

3.) Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (256 votes)

It looks like I might be hitting up the Big Apple! Then again, if I was feeling really wild and crazy- I could go to all 3…

What’s your vote?


what are your top 3 favorite foods?

I’ve been studying a lot about food lately. You know, reading a ton, obsessing about my dream kitchen, often wishing I was nearer to my brother’s farm in Vermont to be able to have all that organic goodness regularly, and trying to get creative because not only do I not eat any fish/seafood, but I’ve been back on the vegetarian train (unless I feel safe/inspired to have a bit of something meaty on occasion) so it’s been a challenge for me to find interesting new eats to try that fit within my rules.

I love to hear about what other people eat. Those comfort foods, the nostalgic ones, or that one thing you eat over and over that never gets old.

Anyone care to share? Please post a comment here, send me a link to your favorite restaurant, food truck, or farm, or shoot me a note through the contact page here.

Here’s to delicious meals and new food finds. Thanks for sharing your favorites!