Cough up the cash for these

I am the finder of sales, frugal girl who typically drives people crazy with the exclamation of: “I got this for ten bucks on sale from a hundred!” But even I, after a certain someone convinced me-will never be a cheapskate on these few things again:

*Jeans. The really good ones that fit like a glove. I like 7, Citizen, and Joe’s
Skip a latte or two and splurge it up. You’ll be in love.

36 Hours In Burlington Vermont

You know that great section of the Sunday NT Times that features “36 hours in (enter city/place here)” ? Well this week it’s about a place that I like to call a mini San Francisco; Burlington, Vermont. 

Burlington is a little city bustling with a ton of college kids/university professors, colorful and open minded people. Fabulous coffee shops, places to get de-lish organic grub, trendy boutiques and always some kind of interesting rally or festival going on where you are sure to bump into someone intriguing. (Not to mention to gorgeous landscape.) Ok-so its FREEZING in the winter, but bundle up for a snow time visit or go for a trek-through during one of the other 3 seasons if you are a wimp like me and you’ll fall in love with this small northern hub.


Chocolate chip cookie rescue

I cannot make a chocolate chip cookie to save my life. No one in my family can. We have what I call the curse of the chocolate chip muffin. No matter what recipe, tip, or trick we try, when we actually bake the dough, the “cookies” come out like muffins and taste like crap.  

Help! Anyone have a good muffin recipe? Maybe I’ll use it to try and make some cookies:)

Pancakes with a side of sourdough toast please

If you find yourself anywhere near Southern Vermont, don’t miss The Blue Benn. I grew up eating at this spot. Even though I live states away now, it’s the first stop I make coming into town for a visit, and the last stop before I leave. You’ll be hooked too. I promise.

What to expect, relish every minute of, and other great things about Sonny’s Blue Benn Diner:
*Locals, locals, locals
*Endless handwritten items on paper place mats taped up all over the walls.
*No website. 
*Cash only or gold boullion only. (Yes-it really says that on a hand written sign on the door.) Love it.
*Vermont white cheddar cheese and syrup. Those and about 100 other homemade delectables like cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, pies and jam.
*A wait to sit in one of the 6 booths-almost any day of the week.
*Smiling waitresses, even though they’re a little peeved sometimes that you didn’t wait in the foyer even though they told you to and there is a huge STOP sign on the door to enter. Pay attention first timers!
*Juke boxes at every table. Yes-they work. Two songs for a quarter.
*Occasional celeb sightings. Not that the staff there or any locals care, but it’s nice to know even Gwyneth Paltrow can appreciate a delicious pancake. She’s been to the Blue Benn.
Stop in for breakfast. It’s worth every second you might have to wait and your belly will be glad you did. Tell Sharon, Lisa, and Pat I said hi and I am coming soon for a grilled corn muffin.