it’s like they know us

it’s like they know us

I have regular conversations with my mommy friends that usually include; “UGH! I love having kids, it is the best thing ever, but  I’m so tired! How do all the rest of the mom’s have it together more than me? How can they look so good running out the door? Their kids listen to them all the time!”

Yeah right.

My typical response is something along the lines of; Dude- you must be crazy if you think anyone, especially the busy mommies of the world “have it all” together! I guarantee those fellow mommies have shoved every last toy, dish, piece of trash or laundry in some random closet or drawer and kicked it closed to give the facade of clean, as they run late out the door to drop their kid off late to school, too. 

To all you mommies out there: I really wish you would realize how amazing you are and cut yourself a break once in a while!

Thinking of the above conversations, I cannot stop laughing over here scrolling through this website. One mom, sick of looking at the perfect picture life of other mom’s and their families in pristine white clothing, clean houses and other not-so-realistic snapshots, just seeming to have the most amazing of days, created this website to poke fun at the ridiculousness of that notion.

I love it. What a great gimme a break, share of hilarity!

How do you cut yourself a break?

#RealLife #NobodysPerfect #ALittleBitOfDirtNeverHurtAnyone

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