i’m going to disneyland!

i’m going to disneyland!

Ok, I’m actually going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans next weekend, but it sort of feels like I’m about to go to Disneyland! Like a little kid on their birthday, I’m super crazy excited. I’ve wanted to go for years, so as a just-do-it kind of girl who doesn’t like to wait for anything, I’m thrilled to finally knock this one off my travel adventure bucket list! (Side note; I’ve been running a little extra to prepare my body for a beignet feast and dance party like you read about.) Best part, we are road tripping down to the deep south- and you know how much I love a road trip. New Orleans or bust! Get ready for some photos and stories here. Travel Di is back in action with the all-new Blue Lollipop Road.

Here’s to BLR 2.0!

What makes you feast and dance?

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