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because today is mardi gras

and my boyfriend is from Louisiana, and it is a snow day here in NC:

Beignet Breakfast

…we made beignets of course. And Chicory Coffee with our eggs for this lazy cold Tuesday breakfast:

Mardi Gras Breakfast

As you can see from the top corner of the photo below, my sweet partner in crime takes no prisoners when it comes to noshing on these deeeeeee-lish French doughnuts:

Kevin's Beignets Breakfast

…he usually has powdered sugar all over his hands, up his arms, on every button of the stove, every drawer handle, and of course- all over his face by the time the whole make and eat process is done. The kitchen often looks like a white powder bomb went off, as if a 2 year old, or the family dog found a 10 pound bag and just shook it all over the place.

A small cleaning price to pay to be able to have these treats if you ask me. I’ll clean up that mess any day to have a snuggly, warm, yummy breakfast like this with my sweet, messy, Cajun partner in crime.

How do you snuggle in on a snow day?

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i’m going to disneyland!

Ok, I’m actually going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans next weekend, but it sort of feels like I’m about to go to Disneyland! Like a little kid on their birthday, I’m super crazy excited. I’ve wanted to go for years, so as a just-do-it kind of girl who doesn’t like to wait for anything, I’m thrilled to finally knock this one off my travel adventure bucket list! (Side note; I’ve been running a little extra to prepare my body for a beignet feast and dance party like you read about.) Best part, we are road tripping down to the deep south- and you know how much I love a road trip. New Orleans or bust! Get ready for some photos and stories here. Travel Di is back in action with the all-new Blue Lollipop Road.

Here’s to BLR 2.0!

What makes you feast and dance?

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