the people of starbucks

the people of starbucks

(I wonder how many of you will get the title copycat reference:)

My business is not glamorous. I spend a lot of my days in what’s been called my “Sporty Spice” gear. We’re not talking about hot chick in Lululemon matching cute spandex outfit kind of stuff. More like the rotating 6 pair of shorts I got at the Adidas outlet last year for ten bucks each, and some variety of the 8,600 BLR Play It Forward┬ápink or blue t-shirts I’ve collected from years of events. I’m often meeting with home services people for last minute improvements to get houses market ready as I organize a garage, or declutter several rooms. I might be unpacking from a recent move, or helping stage a space. I often schlep furniture, sort piles of paper in offices, or spend hours on the phone with cell phone and cable companies arguing better rates for my clients. These kind of tasks do not require the skirts, dresses, or heels I love. Sporty Spice wear all the way.

Just when I start thinking to myself Ok Diane, maybe It’s time to ramp up your sporty, grubby, get-it-done gear with something stretchy but at least still halfway cute, I see this:


…and this:


…and I think to myself. You know what? I think I’m doing just fine.

Do you see me trying not to laugh in the first picture? I took it last week. I was sitting near a fireplace at a Starbucks because all the tables were taken. I was having a Don’t all the other fine folks in this place look all fabulous in their business gear, maybe I should stop coming straight from the gym or client projects in my nappy old sporty things to catch up on computer time looking like this moment. Then? This woman came in, sat staring at me with her full spread of Bojangles chicken and biscuits, and noshed away. As soon as she finished, she proceeded to unapologetically pull her jacket over herself with a big yawn and take an hour nap. (At the time I was texting with my sister and had to send her a photo as I shook my head giggling away.) That scene gave a whole new meaning to “It’s Bo Time.”

Here I sit today (I think on the exact day and time I was here last week?) next to the fireplace once again because there are no tables available in this always hopping afternoon coffee spot. Sure enough…round two. Business guy in same chair kicks my purse after he kicks off his shoes that have housed his smelly (not even kidding you, stinky) argyle dress-socked feet, so he too can lounge as if he’s in his own living room.

Are you laughing yet? I am.

Ew. Stinky stranger feet in my face.

If I ever worry again about looking a little bit grubby or the least bit crazy dressed in my not so hottie mcdottie clothing at Starbucks…um…I won’t.

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