much more than a movie diary

much more than a movie diary

You should read this whether you like/watch/care about movies or not. This column has been written by a friend for a lot of years now. He loves it. I think it is awesome. (He is awesome, too.) We could all learn a lot from this guy. Some people just make you want to be and do better. Some people remind you about all the things that are really important and worth, (or not worth) worrying about.

Thank goodness for those people.

A line that screamed out to me, in Dom’s latest post from 9/8:

“…I can promise you, if there is someone in your world suffering in some way, even the smallest connection can prove meaningful.”

I could’t agree more. Connection is what makes all of this crazy madness, this life…somehow the perfect beautiful mess.

What are you doing today to reach out to someone you care about?

#LifeIsBrutiful #RealityCheck #DontSweatTheSmallStuff

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