i dare you

i dare you

So this is a car ad (and who cares about fancy cars), but every time I hear or see the words only those who dare drive the world forward in this commercial, it makes me want to jump up and scream, HELL YES!

I went with a CPA friend yesterday to a local Title I high school to talk to students about basic financial literacy. We tried to be cool, fun, and as current as possible as we shared about thrilling things that every 16-18 year old (ha!) is just chomping at the bit to learn about like credit card interest, opening a bank or savings account, and how best to fill out a job application. As we made our important points about how to kick off life with a few bucks in your pocket and how not to (ahem) eff up your early money life by making mistakes that we (or at least, I) did, we found ourselves circling back to a basic foundation message that has nothing, (but everything) to do with money and creating a healthy, happy life:

Stay curious, figure out how you like to spend your time, trust your gut, and hustle for what you want. Speak up, keep getting up, and never take no for an answer.

Walking out of the school it felt great to know maybe, just maybe, we could’ve made the slightest impact on a young life. I couldn’t help but think though, that perhaps all of us “adults” could use to be a little bit more daring; To remember who we were, what we dreamed about, and the things that made our hearts beat fast back in the day when we first found out the world was our oyster.

I dare you.

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