got to be in it to win it

got to be in it to win it

Car parked next to me in the gym parking lot after my class this morning. Love this bumper sticker!

Just do it

One of my favorite sayings is in order to do something, you’ve got to start doing it first. Isn’t that the truth! I’ve always believed if you take a step towards life, the universe responds.

It does!

Next time you’re feeling unprepared, if you’re nervous about screwing up, if you think you don’t know as much as so and so, if you’re worried about being perfect, remember showing up is the most important part. Early bird always gets the worm and simply making the attempt to get involved and do something is how you will always get to where you want to be.


It’s Friday. Go show up!

#TodayIsTheDay #GetAfterIt #LessFearMoreConfidenceHappyLife

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