hello monday!

hello monday!

It is nearly midnight, so this is almost a Hello Tuesday! post. The day has been busy with lots of good things so I’m just a bit behind.

When the alarm rang this morning, I thought – UGH!  It’s dark, I’m tired, I’ve barely slept! I can’t believe the week already starts again. Then…motivation nation quickly came rushing in; Its Monday, Baby! Get up! Carpe Diem!

So I jumped up and came to this because there’s nothing like getting up early to start your day off right:

Morning walk

It was definitely overcast, and not the most optimal looking sky, but the freshly mowed grasses on the course and the company I was with, made up for the grey. I also got a good laugh from this sign:

18 miles per hour

Go 19 and you’re done for. Hilarious. Who makes up this stuff, anyway?

There’s something about morning exercise, and something about Monday mornings up and atem that simply sets the tone for a good week to come.

If you’re feeling like you’re dragging, get UP and move your body! It might feel painful for the first few minutes, but when you’re done, you’ll feel like a million bucks.


#GetUpGetMoving #CarpeDiem #CrushingIt

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