no coincidence

no coincidence

I hit the road for an out of town happy hour work meeting and just happened to get this glass even though the beer I chose is from a different brewer in a different city than Crown Town:

Beer in the summer


Oh, and I just got carded. I’m about to turn 37, so that’s pretty awesome. The waitress was probably just being very nice/safe, but I’ll take it. This road has been a crazy one, and it has given me plenty of I am so over 21 years old wrinkles- but I’m not sure I’d change a thing; My near 37 but I still get carded somehow wrinkles are filled with those I can’t believe that all happened and I got to the other side still fighting to keep my smile, kind of wrinkles. They’re the most bittersweet but I’ve been told best kind of wrinkles to have, so I guess I will just keep welcoming them home.

#LiveWithoutBoundaries #Experience #TheUnknownIsntAsScaryAsYouThinkItIs

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