dashboard ride along

dashboard ride along

Smiling this morning because of an unexpected text message coming in at 8:20am from my friend Franklin with this photo:

Dashboard Road Trip

…accompanied by two little words:


Yeah! I even love the bug guts. It’s like I’m along for the ride with him. Totally awesome.

Now if I could only get these stickers spread throughout the land even more, and cheerlead more people to just hop in their cars and hit the open road of everything possible in this life.

*(Insert side note interruption of post…bonus! As I sit here at Starbucks writing, a guy sits next to me and I compliment him on being the second well-dressed man in that seat since my arrival. He’s reading a book about travel, National Parks, etc. We chat, chat, chat on general life stuff, writing, the importance of young people taking a Gap Year, etc. Super pleasant surprise? Absolutely. I could’ve talked to him for hours. A perfect stranger who shares much of the same thoughts on life. Love those kind of random interactions. It’s as if they are meant to be:)

There I go on a tangent again. Off to the gym…

Thank you for the photo Franklin, and the coffee chat, Russell!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all. I don’t know about you, but freedom is my absolute favorite thing, so here’s to honoring, appreciating, and giving huge thanks to those who serve so we can have it.

What do you do that makes you feel free?

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