hats off to the cold weather peeps

hats off to the cold weather peeps

Today was nice. 74 degrees nice. This is the first time in a lot of months it has been this nice.

Each year when I try to be all “First world problems! I’m fine!”- when I’m freezing my ass off & feel depressed about the crap, cold weather. I can’t lie; I really want to stab myself in the face when It’s cold and cloudy endlessly, and snow happens. I hate snow. I hate cold. I hate it. Period. Vermont girl who despises the white stuff with everything in my being. I hate cold temperatures. I get bitchy, mean, and all those other things that I never want to be and that are scary to most people. Yep. I’m happy-happy joy-joy until it gets to be about this time of year and I think- Dear God, if it doesn’t get sunny and warm soon, I might have to buy a plane ticket to wherever the hell it is NOT 30 degrees and never come back again.

And then there is a day like today; 74 degrees and sunny.



(Or whoever.)

Hallelujah! Just when I felt like I was about to lose it, someone delivered me some sunshine & warm. I feel like a new human. As I sit here in the dark, with our living room garage door wide open, I can’t help but wonder how anyone lives through the 10-months-of-winter life each year that happens in so many states. I can’t imagine. Hat’s off and then some, to all those people out there who are tougher than me.

Here’s to “springing forward”, sunshine, warmth, and flip flops being the only shoes I ever need.

A photo I took in December as we floated away from Ft. Lauderdale on vacation:

Sunset in Florida

…just a little nod to the sun and warm, so it stays around.

What season do you look forward to?

#SunshineGoddess #SnowNeverAgain #IBelieveInFlipFlops

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