badass jiggly wiggly girls

badass jiggly wiggly girls




Hello Missy Elliot! She is my favorite. (And was the best part of the Super Bowl last weekend if you ask me.)

I found this video from a Facebook page of a group of women I shake my booty with regularly at Friday morning Zumba hip hop class. (Was just sweatin’ it out this morning with those ladies!) I do the same class on Wednesdays, sometimes on Saturdays, and I usually ¬†go to Tuesday and Thursday night cardio dance. Besides that I run 25+ miles a week. I’m 36, and feel stronger and healthier than I ever have, but all the days I exercise, I feel the jiggle, jiggle, jiggle in addition to my muscle. I am a size 4/small, and I have cellulite and stretch marks. I have for years. They don’t stop me from jumping around and whooping it up. Life is short. I don’t know about you- but I’m going to do all I can to keep dropping it like It’s hot, shake what my mamma gave me, and having a blast doing it.

The girls in this video don’t care what’s going on around them- they are just getting after it. Whoop!

Are you feeling worried about your imperfect bod? Girllll- just GET OUT AND MOVE! Stay active, be your confident badass self, get in your zone, and I’ll see you there.

Three cheers to dancing like nobody’s watching.

How do you sweat?

#ThisGirlCan #ShakeYourBooty #OwnIt

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