it pisses me off when i read books like this that I could’ve totally written

it pisses me off when i read books like this that I could’ve totally written

Could've written this one

Like really chaps my ass.

Good on ya, Jen Sincero! While I’ve been distracting myself  from doing what I really want to do; writing books like this, raising funds for the BLR Memorial Scholarship, planning events, encouraging anyone who is unhappy in whatever they are doing, to call a fuck it and jump ship- and doing speaking engagements about it all, I’ve chosen to spend too much of my Monday-through-Friday-plus time underpaid, for a terribly unorganized, immature, unprofessional client during the past 6 months just to pay my bills. (And let’s face it- this is not the first time I’ve burned myself with I’ll just do this for a little while and work on BLR on the side.) You’ve been flying to best-seller status and beyond (along with plenty others) and I’ve been sprinting on the very gerbil wheel I despise more than anything. (The same one I constantly preach for others to stay off or jump off.) Bullshit! No more.

Thanks for pissing me off, Jen! My buck stops here; I’ve fired that client. I won’t take another one like that- ever, and shit is about to get real up in here. (Holla DMX!) That’s right, you can look for my book on a shelf near you in the next year or two.

Like Mr. Martin Luther King, I have a dream too- and It’s about damn time I put up or shut up about it.

Nothing says motivation like calling yourself out publicly. BOOM!

What chaps your ass enough to finally snap?

#TodayIsTheDay #GetItDone #BLRGoTime

PS~ Thanks to my sister, Erin for sending me this book. She probably sent it because she knew it would piss me off just enough to put me over the edge to where I’ve wanted to be for a very long time. You rock, sister!

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