calling it like it is

calling it like it is

Many years ago, I took the typical “Screw this/it/that!” and started saying; “I’m calling a f*ck it”, instead.

Calling a f*ck it, is that moment when you are so done, so over “it”, tired of something, someone, or ready to just make a move- any kind of move, literally or figuratively. It’s when you either stop dead in your tracks and draw a line, or when you begin sprinting towards something you’ve always wanted to- something brand new. A time when you smack yourself in the face or take a minute to look around and think; what the hell am I doing?! Then can’t stand living one more minute there- so you make a change. (It can also be a fleeting moment of letting yourself go and feeling free, like bum-rushing the dance floor even when you’re sober, to drop it like It’s hot.)

Oh the little things that can make you feel powerful and alive.

The girl in this piece called a f*ck it and changed her work life for good. Amen, sister! I love reading these stories. I wish we were surrounded by more of them. Life is short. We’ve got ONE life. Call a f*ck it and start doing what you want if you are not already.

Try to make otherwise serious, scary looking guys, laugh:

My muscles are bigger than yours

…let strangers kiss you from across the counter:

Stranger Smooch

…or maybe just for one minute remember that no one is the boss of your life. You are in charge! You are capable of making any choice you want. We life in a free country. A FREE country, people! (I know this post is late for Veteran’s Day, but I am sending better late-than-never love to everyone who’s fought and protected so I’m able to live a life of whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want it, in America. Thank you, Veterans.)

How are you going to call a f*ck it today and let your freedom ring?

#LifeIsShortDoWhatYouLove #TodayIsTheDay #LetFreedomRing

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