I write notes and hide them for people to find when I’m not around, I say “I love you” almost too much,  I text just to say hi, I send snail mail for no reason so it shows up in a mailbox as a complete surprise. I never leave without a kiss or hug, I say thank you anytime I get the chance and I tell friends & family around me I appreciate them as much as possible.

I’m not perfect, or a hero, I’m just someone who felt a loss a little over 20 years ago that I had no idea was even possible. I remember those feelings every, single, day. The above examples are ways that I do something about it, because I never want it to be too late.

On a day like today when thousands of people feel incredible loss together, my heart is heavy. While I can unfortunately say I share in the pain of losing loved ones tragically and instantly too, I can also encourage those out there who are heartbroken- to honor whomever they’ve lost by living better.

Remember. Celebrate. Live.

Remember lives lost, remember where you came from. Celebrate the memories of those not with us anymore, celebrate what’s possible. Live like you mean it- like today is THE day.

Take a minute to slow down today- and everyday moving forward, look around, say I love you. We never know what tomorrow will bring.

Today is the day. What are you waiting for?

#LiveLikeYouMeanIt #TodayIsTheDay #Remember

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