this cracks me up

this cracks me up

I’d have a million dollars and be able to give that million dollars worth of  money away in BLR Memorial Scholarships every year if I had even a penny for every time someone rolled their eyes and commented “Oh god- all you friggin Vermont liberal hippies!”- when they hear I am from The Green Mountain State.

Actually, I’d probably have two million. That’s why this article cracks me up.

Over the years, when people ask ridiculous things about the assumed maple syrup farm I must have grown up on with my Subaru-driving parents, I’ve gotten accustomed to sassing back with some part of; “No, we didn’t make make maple syrup growing up, Mom never carted us to town from the farm in a Subaru, my Teen Beat posters did not live within the walls of my room in our ski chalet, and I’ve never been cow-tipping. I’ve also never ridden a moose. Ben & Jerry were not our neighbors, and Phish did not play at my high school parties.” (I wish!)

Ahh- yes the stereotypes and stories that go along with all home states. Fun. As I sit here happily clicking these keys with the door open on this warm North Carolina day, Vermont is where my heart will always be in the summertime.

What a perfect way to intro to a snapshot I took just a few short weeks ago while I was back home:



Where do you love?

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