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quote of the day

Rainy, gloomy Saturday at home base. Missing the road & wishing I was on a bigger adventure than I am at the moment. In an effort to fight off that Groundhog Day feeling and to stay inspired, I click on a the Roadtrip Nation series on PBS. (Can’t get enough of RTN. It’s going on 15 years I’ve been a super fan.) On this episode, road-trippers interviewing Rick Moonen, Chef/Owner of Rm Seafood:

“Find out what really drives you. Find out your passion, because It’s what you’re going to do best at. It’s what you’re going to kick the covers off on the next morning, you know- out of desire. If you don’t have the desire, how are you going to succeed?”

Ahhh…yes. Amen Rick! Love that, and agreed.

What makes you kick the covers off in the morning?

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