365 days of blue lollipop road; day, well….errr…

365 days of blue lollipop road; day, well….errr…

On January 1st I started a 365 project. Mid-February I started falling a bit behind on posts and here we are on April 4th with a whole lot of days missing. (Translation; really behind.) Yikes!

My creative time gets limited here sometimes because I have to figure out ways to make money to pay my bills. (What a drag:) I want to do so much and often forget I’m only one person (who knew!) So, as I continue my bleeding heart commitments and true, true loves like BLR Play It Forward & The BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund, some just-for-fun projects like 365 Days of Blue Lollipop Road fall off the radar/get delayed/postponed.

Postponing these types of projects means I’m thrilled that in 11 days I will launch a brand new Blue Lollipop Road (that has kept me busy!) It’s been exciting to get settled in to my home base in The Queen City, and to make progress getting clients with BLR Concierge/Consult. (Did you know you can hire me? I help people run their lives & businesses better:) Plans are set for a July 19th BLR Play It Forward Event this year, and I’m anxiously awaiting returned scholarship applications from high school student female athletes that are vying for the 2014 BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship.


Back to 365 Days of Blue Lollipop Road, I did have some extra “BLR”‘s that I made/were sent in to me- so I still want to share the ones I never posted.

Sweet boyfriend making me a city-style balcony snowman right after the big February southern storm:

Valentine’s Day date night:

Some end of February moving day snapshots:

A little road trip to VA to see friends and family:

Grown-ups playing with the kids toys:

Cards anyone?

Delicious food pix from my sister touring Spain:

Hotel towels:

And last but not least, the schwag Brooks Running sent to me after posting about my beloved black running shorts I spent so many years and hundreds of miles running in:

Thanks Brooks!

Even though I might be posting a BLR-A-Day, I will of course always take reader submissions and post them here, so keep “making” your BLR’s and sending them in! I love when strangers get crafty and share.

What do you truly love to work on?

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