tax day reveal

tax day reveal

Nobody likes Tax Day, but maybe this year it will be a little more fun for us all, because the BRAND SPANKING NEW BLR site will launch on April 15th!

Can I get a…

(You know…:)

I got the first glimpse of the new site last week and I nearly jumped out of my skin it was so perfect. (And it was just the first draft!) Thanks to Aaron Frey of Frey Brothers Media, my Blue Lollipop Road is about to get a whole lot brighter. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working so hard on!

This is year 6 for BLR. What a crazy, awesome and unexpected ride. I’m so proud and excited for all that’s happening as a result of serious love and dedication.

What are you dedicated to?

#LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #RevealYourself #MakeItHappen

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