news! updates! movin’ on up!

news! updates! movin’ on up!

A move. Check.

Start concierge biz, so I can make some money and use my talents and experience to pay bills while I work on my bleeding heart projects (Read: Blue Lollipop Road/BLR Play It Forward/BLR Memorial Scholarship Fund.) Check.

Start a great gig with a fantastic local co-working space, spend time with totally awesome entrepreneurs and interesting business people. Check.

In process of redesign for a whole new website for BLR. Check.

Book writing continued. Amazing amounts of good progress. Check.

BLR Play It Forward/BLR Scholarship Fund details getting ironed out for a July event. Check.

Working so hard for so many years wondering if I will ever have that aha moment, and finally getting to a place where I have clarity on what I am an expert at, what I suck at, and moving forward with those findings. Check.

Foreign, and hard to absorb but totally welcome feeling; OMG! Things really are falling into place and momentum works! My blood, sweat, and those tears really did work. Check.

Pinch me. Check.

All happening. Check.

Happy. Check.

The seed was planted and the flag was in the ground a long time ago. I’ve poured firehoses of water to grown the seed, the plant has been stomped on, the flag has been bent and beaten down and broken, then taped back up again. About 86 times.



Even though I might seem that I believe unicorns & rainbows make things happen, I’m really a believer in endurance and persistence to make things happen. (AKA: Working your a$$ off and giving a sh*t.) I’m not a big fortune from the fortune cookie, keeper- but I got this one years ago and It’s stayed tattered and believing in my wallet ever since:


So a little thought/opinion/inspiration for today:

If you’re out there, and broke, exhausted, frustrated, or feeling like you’ve often lived on a island alone with no help, or that you might go nuts if you spend one more minute working on or over analyzing how you can make your dream/job/life/existence become a reality, first of all- welcome to the club. Second of all, good for you for not giving up. (Seriously- good for you!) Third of all, if you still believe in what you’re doing even though you might be nearing the end of your rope, don’t you dare stop or I will come find you and beat you. (Capeesh?:) Keep swinging the bat, take help and constructive criticism if It’s offered, but push negativity away, take steps back when you need to, maybe take a day, week, month off to regroup or rethink, but keep pushing. Endurance a persistence will be rewarded.

When people tell you you’re crazy, say “Thank you! I’ve worked my ass off for this crazy.”

What are you pushing for?

#NotStopping #IBelieve #WorkThatMatters.

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