365 days of blue lollipop road; day 39

365 days of blue lollipop road; day 39


It’s about 50 degrees and sunny today, which feels tropical considering the terrible weather we’ve been having here in the south this winter. Typically you’d never see anyone at that temperature down here walking around in shorts, however, everyone was out like caged animals set free today. It’s as if we can’t stand one more day of hibernation station.

Like a crazy person thinking I was in the Caribbean, I put on shorts and set out for what I like to call one of my Diane epic walks. (That means charge up the phone, grab the ear buds, a credit card in case of craving emergency, and leave the house wandering aimlessly for whatever amount of hours the mood strikes, and along the way listening to music, calling friends I haven’t talked with in a long time to catch up, taking photos, and/or peruse various stores, coffee shops, or other that look interesting.

I made Today’s BLR out of some uber dry little leaves during my epic all afternoon walk:

…while battling the wind, that kept blowing them away, just when I got ready to snap the photo:

I have to say it was fun to challenge mother Nature for a few minutes. (And fun to get outside for a little taste of spring that’s hopefully right around the corner.)

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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