365 days of blue lollipop road; day 34

365 days of blue lollipop road; day 34


I had coffee today with LT, owner of Pistol Polish. She’s a member/has an office where I sometimes work. I thought her company looked fun & interesting, so of course emailed her curious to learn more.

Well, you would’ve thought we were long lost friends the way the two of us sassy Yankee ladies instantly started chatting about anything and everything, barely taking a breath between words. It was a blast! I’m always impressed to meet those, I want to work for myself so I’m going to make it happen go-getters. Bonus that LT is not only a super smart & savvy business woman, but she’s hilarious and a blast to be around too. I love that she let me play around with some bottles of her nail polish:

Do you see what I see? This bottle below looks pretty close to Blue Lollipop Road Blue!

Maybe I’ll be able to talk her into naming a blue polish, Blue Lollipop at some point:)

If you’re a mani-pedi kind of gal (or guy!) and are always looking for a new color for your nails delivered right to your door- check out the Pistol Polish subscription options.

If you’re not a mani-pedi kind of gal, you’ll still be inspired by LT’s message to be your best badass self:

pis•tol: noun; a refined yet fiery woman

A PISTOL Woman envisions who she wants to become – whatever that may be – and devotes her life to making that vision a reality. PISTOLs chase their dreams every damn day.

Amen, sister!

This is where I found my Blue Lollipop Road today. Where did you find yours?

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