people who make you stop and think

people who make you stop and think

Brave people inspire me. Brave people I know personally inspire me even more:

This morning, a very good friend of mine who is kind, fun, smart, and wise and mature far beyond her years shared with the world a big secret she’s been struggling with for a long time because she was inspired by someone else who shared a big secret. (Love that kind of snowball effect!) Even though I’ve known this person is strong and fearless- and I’ve known of her secret for a while now, I never thought she’d actually shout it from the rooftop like she did today. I am so proud of her! What an amazing and brave young woman. If only we all opened up and shared our struggles a bit more, perhaps we’d realize how similar we are to each other and feel a little less alone during times we feel like we’re the “only one.”

Perspective is good. Just when I think I have enough, I realize It’s probably impossible to have enough:

This morning I also got word that the mother of a good old friend of mine from back home has passed away. This mom was a sweet, funny, supportive mom, came to nearly every soccer game we played years ago, and attended BLR Play It Forward the past 2 years. Her daughter, my friend (and big sister in soccer), has the kind of happy-go-lucky, goofball, fun energy about her that makes everyone love her and want to be around her more. This news of her moms passing makes me sad, but reminds me once again to be thankful for special old friends, to appreciate time together, and the importance of being there for someone during a heartbreaking or difficult time.

Inspiring stories of bravery, and sad stories of loss like these help me stay conscious about how I spend my time, driven to do work that matters, and incredibly thankful for the memories of great people I’ve had the fortune to meet along the way.

What gave you perspective this week?

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