on this day last year…

on this day last year…

…I took these photos:

Fall trees in Middleburg, VA

Fall trees in Middleburg, VA

I run a lot in the morning and have for years. Last fall, I ran and drove but this gorgeous scene daily. Love this set of trees.

This morning like many, as I beat feet in a different place observing my surroundings with my mind swirling in a million directions as usual, I thought of where I was one year ago today and what’s happened since. Lot’s of growth and change. A few things that will always remain the same; A huge appreciation for nature, being thankful I have healthy legs to still run regularly, and a curiosity, anticipation, and excitement for whatever is next to come.

A very odd, unexpected, monumental life paradigm shift has happened to me during this past year- especially in the last few months. I am a control freak who feels out of control, I am a normally comfortable in my own skin girl who’s feeling wildly uncomfortable, and it generally feels like an alien has invaded my body. (So much for trying to be the never faltering, I’ve got this- I don’t need anyone, total badass I try to play on TV!) I’m being forcefully reminded once again:

1.) No one can control everything.

2.) Good and necessary growth is impossible unless you feel wildly uncomfortable at times.

3.) We can’t fight nature, so we may as well embrace it.

As I reflect on a year that seems worlds away from any other I’ve had, I’m trying to keep the parts of myself I know should stay forever, and I’m doing my best to leave behind the ones I probably should’ve let the death-grip go on, long ago.

Here’s to staying true to your old self while growing into your new.

Where were you one year ago today?

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