in honor of national taco day…

in honor of national taco day…

…I thought I’d share a few photos from one of my favorite noshing spots in Chicago: Big Star.

Big Star Chicago

Even though I pretend to be vegetarian, I am all about Big Star’s Tacos al Pastor. In fact, I’ve always eaten that one so fast when I’m there- I don’t even have a photo.

Dear Cilantro & Pineapple

I love you.


My veggie tostada shot will have to do:

Big Star Chicago

(To all of you carnivores out there…you win on this one. The marinated pork of a Taco al Pastor pretty leaves anything veggie in the dust.)

Besides great tacos, there are lots of good drinks and colorful, sassy employees at Big Star too:

Big Star Chicago

The bathroom is even fun:

Big Star Chicago

(I’m realizing I take a lot of photos in bathrooms. Funny considering I’m a germaphobe.)

Oh how I love and miss you and your food Chicago!

Where’s your favorite taco joint??

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