it’s nice to share

it’s nice to share

If you’ve read here for any amount of time, you know that I love, love, love Roadtrip Nation. I randomly walked by a table in 2003 at my local VT bookstore, and this book caught my eye. I bought it was hooked: Instant superfan.

I’ve kept in touch and followed RTN for 10 years now, and met one of their Green RV crews in Chicago a couple summers ago which was a blast. Well, as usual the awesome peeps at RTN have been busy, still doing great work after all these years, and still growing. They’ve just launched a “Share Your Road” page on their website this week. (Of course I will submitting my road share.) In the meantime- you should share yours!

I love you Roadtrip nation! Keep doing good work.

How do you define your own road?

#SharingIsNice #DoingWorkThatMatters #DefineYourOwnRoad.

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