ttaa is back!

ttaa is back!

This weekend I thought about how long It’s been since I’ve posted TTAA. Way too long! (For those of you who might be new here, TTAA = Things That Are Awesome.) I just did a bit of Googling on myself and this nearly 2 year old TTAA post came up first. It made me smile for lots of reasons, mostly because what I think is awesome hasn’t changed a bit, I’ve just added more items to the list.

TTAA for this week:

Morning runs. Writing a letters and mailing them. Unexpected free lunch. Friends that email to share something happy they’re doing. Pine nut hummus. Stacy’s pita chips. Being happy for people that are on a great vacation. Candles. Chaise lounges. Bare feet. Being able to give advice to someone younger because you’ve been through it. Telling someone exactly how you feel and being completely comfortable with it. Clean white sheets. Books that make you want to be able to read faster. Ceiling fans. Friends that send photos of their kids with blue tongues. Hearing the heartbeat of a friends baby in her belly. Old friends calling to check up on you. Knowing who’s there when the going gets rough. Upcoming reunions with travel buddies. Sitting in the dark listening to the night. Emails from people that say: “You are the only person I know who always sends me a thank you note in the mail.” Having conviction. Maps. Sharpie fine point black pens. 80’s videos that make you laugh. Looking at old photos. Collaborative projects with fun, intelligent, good-hearted people. Recipes in my inbox for Blue Lollipop Nutella Delights. (That’s a special cookie made just for BLR!) Balconies. Wearing sassy heels.

So. Many. Awesome. Things:).

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