so many things to cherish

so many things to cherish

I meet a lot of people in my travels, but my favorites are the ones who are truly following their interests and passions like Alicia Mohr, Designer of Ali’s Collection. I connected with Alicia in 2011 when I was living in Chicago. Funny story, I used to babysit for her in Vermont over 20 years ago. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We never stayed in touch, but the power of social media brought us together and we quickly became breakfast buddies during my Windy City time. Let two foodie, travel-loving entrepreneurs loose in Chicago with all those great noshing spots? We managed to eat our weight in indulgent pancakes at places like Bongo Room many times as we shared stories of each of our adventures around the world and in business.

Alicia started a series about Female Entrepreneurs on her blog Things to Cherish and asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview. (Of course I would!) Here I am. I’m excited to be in the mix of interesting and driven ladies doing things they love. I’m equally excited to have reconnected with a fellow Vermonter unexpectedly, who’s creativity and savvy way are great example of what can happen when you work hard and believe in yourself.

Thanks Alicia! Here’s to following your dreams and making things happen:)

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