springing around

springing around

I took these during sunset at a friends house during Virginia wine time the other day:

Sunset at Frenchy's Cobbler House

Sunset at Frenchy's Cobbler House

There are no edits, no Instagram fixes, or color enhancements in these photos, nothing but a good click of an iPhone 4S and a gorgeous nature view. I love the reflection in the wine glasses. Not much beats a sunset view and good laughs with a friend.

I’m now en route to Napa for another house sitting gig continuing my spring of making sure pets and homes are well taken care of as their owners are in dreamy places like Italy and New Zealand. I’ll be sipping California wine in the Napa Valley during the next few weeks and hopefully watching more gorgeous sun setting like I was during the above photo session. (PS on the pet and house sitting note ~ I’m for hire and happy to provide stellar services anytime for absent home owners, so drop me a line if you need someone to stay at your pad: Diane(@)bluelollipoproad.com)

As I wrap up my 7 month stay in the DC area, I’m thankful for a few of the fantastic people I’ve met and spent time with. (People and conversation are always the best part of any stay wherever I travel and work.) In serendipitous timing of a location that I never expected to be in (isn’t that always the way?) there is one person in particular I finally got to meet face to face after 8 years which has been an incredible surprise. Go figure- click, click, click, and we’ve started work on a project that’s coming together like magic. I will share more when I can. For now I will say I believe more than ever if you keep fighting to be able to do work you love, always following your heart and instinct, it might be 1 year, 10, or 20, but eventually the tipping point will come. Sure, you’ll likely have to endure the shit storm (god knows I have) of horrible bosses, lazy company owners, long hours, little pay, coworkers you’d rather never see again than be in the same room with, or wearing some absolutely absurd embroidered maroon polo shirt (thanks Bottoms Up Pizza!)- but eventually your good fight will pay off and opportunity will knock for you to actually do work you’re passionate about and get paid for it.

Whoa. Awesome.

Until I can share about the above project (fingers double crossed) I keep working on my book, the 2nd Annual Play It Forward event, and a few other client projects that are always fun and rewarding. April through June I’ll be in the following areas (in order of travel) in case any of you out there will be in the same spot of the country and wish to meet up:

San Francisco, Napa, DC,┬áRichmond Va, Wilmington NC, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Columbus OH, Chicago, Vermont, Upstate NY, Vermont again (BLR Play It Forward July 13th!) Then, drumroll please…(of course I can’t tell you yet:)

See you on the road! (That’s a hint by the way.)

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