tetris and other tricks

tetris and other tricks

Recently I’ve gone from home base to home less once again. (Don’t cry for me Argentina, this is a chosen mobility.)

I’ve boasted many times in the past about my mad organizational skills and ability to live light, and I admit I am patting myself on the back a bit again today for this. As I was unloading the BLR-Mobile and repacking all my life belongings for the 7,777th time, I couldn’t help but think; Man do I rule at box and car tetris. Michael Phelps gets the gold for his by-a-tenth-of-an-inch precision in the pool, I think I should medal in- I fit all of THAT in THAT size box/bag/bin/compartment with not a fingernail length to spare like him.

Here’s an old photo of my mighty partner in crime during one of the pack, unpack, repack, days. This photos was taken in September of 2011, after I arrived in NJ to pick up my new Honda Civic Hybrid for my Honda sponsored road trip. The transition time never usually looks this neat and tidy, but I have just discovered during my iPhoto search, that surprisingly have very few car packing day photos:

The BLR-Mobile in NJ September, 2011

If you’ve followed here for any length of time you know, that everything I own fits very comfortably in my little Honda Civic any time I want it to. When I rent an apartment or find home base, I buy the big “stuff” I need, and when I leave I sell it. This is not only fun (because who doesn’t like furniture and vintage store shopping and scoping)- but also affordable for the smallest of salaries.

How you ask? Well:
1.) I usually resell for the same price I pay for items (up to 25% less- worst case scenario.)
2.) I don’t have to move any large items because buyers come for purchase pick ups.
3.) I never pay for storage.

Yet another bit of insight on how I have afforded my nomadic lifestyle on a very low budget.

The ability to sell for free on Craigslist, and liquor stores anywhere USA that offer free piles of boxes on any given day- are a very beautiful thing. It’s not easy, it takes a lot work, sweat and organization, but It’s all very, very worth it to be able to live free. There’s a good possibility I’ll continue training to stay on the medals podium in the unpacking and repacking Olympics forever.

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