I love cars and road trips, you all know that. But I like airports too.

Airports offer that promise of coming through the gate and seeing someone you love standing at the other end, smiling and waiting. They’re places where you can watch anyone from around the world with family, friends, and coworkers. The single where everyone, from everywhere has to go if they want or need to get anywhere. There is no other space forces that.

I’ve just come from a week long trip in Bermuda. My first time there and that makes country 14. So awesome. I’m currently standing at an airport bar writing this during my layover, with a dark- haired quiet business man to my left, and a mom looking type to my right who’s reading feverishly. Our waiter is Indian and the girl behind me sounds like her accent is from a wildly exotic far away warm place.

I’m sitting in Newark, NJ.

This is why I love airports. Different colors all over.

I love airports, I love traveling. I love being around people that are not like me. The ones who have stories, and full lives. I love the broken people, and the ones who have it “all together.” I love indulging in different kinds of foods and drink. I love sharing; stories, seats, space. I love that when you travel- when you’re out of your everyday gerbil wheel and grind. It’s like you’re forced, like it or not- to be a little more flexible, a little more forgiving, a little more open and free.

I think travel makes better humans. Period.

Whether you’re in your own town walking down a different road to find a new walking path for your daily exercise, or flying across the world to sit in a tiki hut to escape winter weather and relax. “Travel” offers a view, and nudges our less of a pain in the ass side. The one that automatically replies “Why not? I’ll try that”- sometimes because you choose to, but sometimes because you have to. Either way, doing any little thing to change the course of your regular day, can change the course of your lifetime. I believe that more than anything.

Here’s to airports, or any “ports”, that become the places you try things you never have before.

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