blr play it forward

blr play it forward

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Full news and schedule of events is finally here…

The Blue Lollipop Road Play it Forward Event is a weekend long event that MAU female soccer alumni will reconnect and reminisce, play soccer, honor past teammates, and give back to the community we grew up in. This event will take place August 17 and 18, 2012 in Shaftsbury and Bennington, Vermont.



~Welcome Back Party, 7 PM at Madison Brewing Company


~Strong Mojo Summit, 10:00 AM at Howard Park

~Alumni Soccer Game, 1:00 PM at Howard Park

~Artist’s Reception- Traci Molloy, 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Vermont Arts Exchange

~BLR Celebration Cocktails, 8 PM at Pangea Restaurant and Lounge in North Bennington

Why have we created and organized this big event?

There is no doubt that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if I hadn’t been a soccer team member every year while growing up, and if I hadn’t participated in the 1994 MAUHS foreign exchange program. Through playing sports and having coaches who were incredible mentors, I learned about teamwork and confidence. I learned that by taking care of my body and exercising, I would take care of my mind and soul too. When our team had “all hands in” before each game, chanting: “one…two…three… STRONG MOJO!,” we each knew we had the power – together or alone – to go, be, and do anything. As I stood in Germany during my student exchange month abroad, never having been out of the state of Vermont before, my eyes flew open to see there was a whole big world out there to discover. Since then, I’ve spent time in all 50 states and 13 countries. I’ve learned how to be resourceful, savvy, flexible, independent, and open. I’ve met people I would have never otherwise met, tried foods I never imagined I’d try, and seen sights that have taken my breath away. What I learned most from athletics and travel is that I could do anything I set my mind to. Anyone can.

These are the messages I want to bring back to the place where I came from and share with the younger generation. It’s a pay back/pay forward for what has been a huge part of shaping my life.

*The mojo inspires us to be confident, set goals, and go for our dreams – we can accomplish anything that we set our mind to.  The Strong Mojo Summit will provide an opportunity for current female athletes to meet with alumni, discuss life experiences, and encourage a commitment to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  

*MAU soccer celebrates the lives of former players and our incredible friends Maria Greene and Brandy Brown, who we lost on August 18, 1994.  A memorial dedication during the BLR Play it Forward Weekend will honor our friends and their amazing sprit and zest for life.

*Travel teaches self-confidence and flexibility; we can all broaden our horizons through travel.  Blue Lollipop Road will reward a travel scholarship to a current female athlete to support her adventure goals.    

*For 25 years, the MAU soccer community has believed in Strong Mojo.  An alumni game will be held to celebrate the mojo, and the dedication of coaches and mentors who supported the growth of many in our community.

***For further information about this event, registration forms for alumni, or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Diane Peacock:

[email protected] or 804.339.6514

If you cannot attend the event and would like to donate in support of Blue Lollipop Road and the memorial scholarship, please click here.

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