scholarship announcement

scholarship announcement

I am thrilled to share that we sent the application out today for the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship!

This scholarship was established this year by BLR in honor of the spirit and zest for life embodied by my two friends and fellow soccer players, Maria Greene and Brandy Brown, who were killed in a car accident in 1994. (The same lovely ladies BLR is dedicated to.) The mission of this scholarship is to encourage a commitment to an active lifestyle, and to support travel for education and self-empowerment. This scholarship will award a deserving  freshman, sophomore or junior female soccer playing student at my old high school (Mount Anthony Union High School) with a monetary gift for:

*Participating in a MAUHS student exchange program;

*Taking a “Gap” Year between graduation and post-secondary education; and/or

*Going on an adventure travel trip intended for personal growth.


The scholarship will be awarded during the Blue Lollipop Road Play it Forward Strong Mojo Summit on August 18, 2012.

Planning and organizing this event and scholarship has been a long time in the works, so today is very exciting. (Thank you a million times over to my help Traci and Kate Emma!) I know there are a lot of young people like I was, who don’t have the financial means to explore outside their town, so I’m incredibly happy and proud to be able to honor my friends, and work to pay back/pay this forward to a deserving student. My community, school, and programs I participated in all those years ago have been a big part of shaping the woman I’ve become.

If you are an MAUHS student reading this and are interested in applying, please email diane(@)

If you are a visitor here who wants to support this scholarship fund and the Blue Lollipop Road Play it Forward event please click here. From all of us “kids” that dream big, and desire to keep exploring to better ourselves~ Thank you! I’m still dreaming big at 33 for Mom and I to win a finalist spot on the Best of the Road Rally 2012!

Anything is possible right?

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