guest blogger mom again

guest blogger mom again

Another note and a thank you from Mamma Peacock- my Team Blue Lollipop Road Partner in crime:

It certainly has been a fun journey so far to be a team vying for a finalist spot on Rand McNally/USA Today’s Best of the Road Rally 2012. This past few weeks has sparked engaging and exciting discussions with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Each person I have talked with about the possible upcoming trip, has exclaimed “I’d love to do that!” It’s as if all curiosity and adventurous spirit comes alive inside again when people let themselves imagine trekking across America. I’ve had many conversations with my students about the USA and using maps. Even with all the technology that’s available, kids get so excited when you bring out a trusty paper map or atlas. All those states, lines and symbols spread in front of them makes them dive right into lessons. They boast with pride about pointing and sharing where they are from. Such enthusiasm in the young and old around me has been a welcomed part of all this rally energy. Faces light up on everyone any time I share stories about my travels or participation in this contest. Who knew there would be all this fun even before the actual road tripping starts?!

Thank you to everyone for the interest, the votes, the caring enough to be a part of the Team Blue Lollipop Road adventure so far. Lets keep our fingers crossed that we are chosen as a finalist team so Diane and I can show you best of the road!  

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