at home on the road

at home on the road

If you have followed here for any amount of time, you know I live for the road. No matter what comes in an out of my life- when I am on the road I feel most at home and most alive. I’m soon to be 34 and have had fielded questions for years about when I am going to “grow up” or stop my “traveling hobby.” I suppose what might be hard for some to understand is that as I just stated above, I feel the most at home when I am on the road. I am grown up, and this is not a phase or some trend for me. It’s simply a way of life.

In my about me page, there is a line that I wrote that says “I believe everyone has a story.” That is so true. The best times I have ever had on any of my trips are with complete strangers that I would otherwise never meet. Every single person (even the ones that think they don’t) has a story: Things and people they love, hopes and dreams, triumphs and tragedy and then some. I love spending time sitting at a diner, in a park, or at a dinner table listening to someone I might never see again sharing their life story. It never fails that even with the most different looking, aged, or demographic of a person, I always find common ground and see that we are all very much the same. I love those moments and I want Mom and I to help bring those moments to you.

I never went to college. (As in university.) My adult education has come from the people and places around me. It’s come from travel, allowing myself being curious, not being afraid to ask questions when I had them, and those times I’ve just jumped in the car and and taken off down the road just hungry to learn and experience everything possible. I believe travel is the best education and investment in yourself. It makes you flexible, resourceful, aware, open, independent, confident self-reliant, and well-rounded. These are all the foundation pieces I feel it takes to make us all our best. These are also the things my Mom did an amazing job teaching me to growing up. My Mom was married at 15 years old and was too busy raising us 4 Peacock kids with very little help to take time for herself to explore like I have. I’m sure this is why she has always been such a huge supporter for us all to explore as much as possible to learn all we could and follow our dreams.

I want to go on this Best of the Road Rally 2012 with my Mom because she is an amazing generous person, my friend and a perfect partner in crime to make this trip a blast. I want to share with her the kind of fantastic experiences the road has to offer that she has just started in recent years getting a taste of. My mom is the most genuine, smart, strong woman I have ever known and she’s always up for jumping into any fun. Who could be a better team than us?

My site here and Blue Lollipop Road may look fancy and all the stories and pictures I’ve shared might look like I’ve spent a huge trust fund to support it all. That is not the case. Every day of any trip I have ever been on I have paid for myself and has been on a shoestring budget. (Oh the amount of burgers and beers I’ve had to sling over the years!) I’ve slept in cars and on couches, my entire wardrobe still fits in one big suitcase, and if you heard the stories of the finagling I have done to make this all work, you’d never believe them. I’ve made huge sacrifices over the years to be able to travel, maintain this site, and share my stories in hopes to inspire others too. It’s been a tough roller coaster of a road, but a great adventure too and this means everything to me so it’s all been worth it!

Mom and I know how to enjoy good times, good food, and good company on pennies. We’d be a perfect pair for Best of the Road 2012. Please support us by voting these last few hours today, so we can bring to stories of the people, places, the beauty, and the fun of Small Town America to you!

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