be one audacious person

be one audacious person

A couple of years ago, an old boss tossed a book my way after returning from a convention, respectfully sassing me with a “Here- this guy talks about the same crap you do all the time.”

It was autographed:


Let love rule

As you advise Tim. Thank you, and yes I will- always.

The Book was Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders. I gobbled it up in one afternoon and became a big fan. Since then I have recommended this book to several people and loaned my copy too. I follow Tim’s blog occasionally and while poking around tonight clicked on this post about being audacious. (Amen to that!) I particularly liked this portion of the post:

3. Be Tenacious – It’s going to take some time, and some serious persistance if you want to change the world.  You’ll need a long term plan, and a thick skin to withstand criticism and adversity. 

Isn’t that the truth.

As I start my first week with BLR as my full on, full time gig- no other job to interrupt my work flow, I am happy. So happy. I’ve already been working my tail off all weekend barely leaving my apartment because I love what I am doing. (That is a great feeling.) I want to change the world, and the last thing I am afraid of, is putting in lots of hours and being persistent to do it.

How are you being the power of one? How are you being audacious and tenacious?.

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