in the drivers seat

in the drivers seat

I’ve written about Sean and Ian, the One Week Job guys several times now. I’ve been following along with their journey and work regularly, especially after they hosted me for a stay last summer in the amazing city of Vancouver. They do great work, have a brilliant message, are two of the nicest guys you could meet, and they are fun. I suppose you could say I am a super fan 🙂

Sean posted this article today on Facebook and I immediately wanted to share it here. The last line struck an extra chord with me: “You should quit your job. But, sadly, you probably won’t.”

***Enter lots of people reading this now rolling eyes, and thinking “It’s not that easy”, “That’s not practical or realistic”, “Easy for you to say” etc. Bah-humbug to that.

I’ve participated in daily conversation since starting Blue Lollipop Road on the subject of “I want to’s.” I love these conversations. I don’t ever seem to have to solicit them because people know I write here about choosing a life doing what I want to. I suppose I feel like a “safe” person for others to confide in about their “crazy/unpractical want-to’s.” In addition to having a now nearly 17 year old lesson in best friend loss, a solid foundation of incredible friends, family, and mentors who love and support me, the other wholly true thing that continues to fuel me to live the life I want to live, is plain and simple; I am the driver of my own life. No one else moves a single body part of mine to do anything but me.

It’s the same for all of us.

Am I suggesting anyone to run out and quit their job today, give their kids away, leave the house to the neighbors and run to Vegas to whoop it up? No. I am however, like the article, encouraging that if anyone out there has a burning desire to change or quit anything in life because it’s not fueling you towards your “want-to’s” or passion- do it. I bet if  you asked the most intelligent, happiest, most successful people you know, what they thought being “practical” and “realistic” meant, they’d tell you that it means using your knowledge, experience, and influence to add up to something. Adding up to something begins by taking that “one day” thought, and making it start today if it hasn’t already..

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