who are you? (part 2)

who are you? (part 2)


So after the wedding ceremony, Ron our bus driver took us back to the Rittenhouse Hotel for cocktail hour and reception festivities:

Rittenhouse Hotel

Welcome to Reception

We were greeted by a beautiful room full of dapper looking people:

Cocktail Hour at Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse Hotel Cocktail Hour

Of course I made a beeline to the bubbly, where I met Maiel:

Maiel the Bartender

What you can’t see in this photo, is that there was champagne all over his face. I walked up to the bar through the crowd of people and asked him for a glass. As we were chatting and he was twisting, the cork came out way to fast and shot clear across the room of 200 people as the bottle overflowed and bubbly went everywhere. Somehow the cork didn’t hit anyone. We cracked up and I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone, but all of you on the world wide web. Thanks Maiel! No one will ever know our secret- ha! 🙂

The appetizers during cocktail hour were absolutely delicious:

Bubbly & Appetizers at Rittenhouse Hotel

I managed to steal a quick shot of bride and groom Ginny and Chris greeting guests:

Ginny and Chris

I didn’t want to jump in as the crazy wedding crasher and bother them when they were visiting with friends and family, but I had to at least get a back view of Ginny’s gorgeous gown. We all kept saying how much she looked like one of those perfect bridal magazine models! Groom Chris is British so naturally the two ladies in the fabulous hats were from his side. (We American gals were swooning over their hats and wondering why we don’t dress that way for weddings.) Of course after staring at these two ladies I had to introduce myself and ask if I could take a picture of them. Meet Mother and daughter Lynn and Chloe:

Lynn and Chloe

(Confession; This is the first time I have ever played around with red-eye edits on my iPhoto and look what I did to poor Lynn’s eye. This is is why I just leave photos as is, mess with the original and look what happens. Ack! Sorry Lynn, You still look fabulous even though I made your right eye look blurry…)

After a bit of bubbly and a belly full of hors d’evoures, it was time to go upstairs to the grand ballroom for the reception. I found my alias stand in name on the table list:

Table List

We were led by staff in white gloves. I felt like royalty for a minute there:

Rittenhouse Servers

The grand ballroom met us just as it was called, decorated impeccably. I found my seat at table #18 and drooled excitedly as I looked over the menu for the evening.

To be continued in part 3….

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